Thursday, May 27, 2010


Annyoung lovelies! ;D Lol, don't be surprised of what you just read. Yeah, I posted a status on FB some time back that I admit I am now smitten by kpop. ;P More specifically am now really into Super Junior. I started to like Suju back in Form 4 but had never had a high dose of it. ;P Till the day Dila showed me the video clip of their new hit song, Bonamana. The song really caught my attention and after few video viewings, I started to develop this huge liking towards KYUHYUN. Yep, you heard me. CHO KYU HYUN. xP Who knew that someone who is a Bollywood freak would fall in love with Hallyuwood right? Haha. But am still a noob okay? Lol. And don't laugh at or tease me. -.-' Been receiving a warm welcome by other Korean huge ardent fans; Hans, Hafiz, Shazrin, Dila, who else? Okay, so then I started to Youtube their old songs I used to listen to when I was in school. Those Hafiz, Hans, and Tin always turned the volume real high in the dorm. Or even in the dressing room. xD And yeah, am now trying to learn this new language, Korean. I mean, aside from Hindi of course. :D Yeah, it's a pretty difficult one. -.-

And these 2 were (read that, WERE ;P) the other hunks that I fell in love with during last week when boredom really gripped me. -.-

Juan Alfonso Baptista from the series La Mujer En El Espejo

Jencarlos Canela from the series Mas Sabe El Diablo

Oh, this series was never aired in Malaysia and would never be I think, but my friend introduced it to me. At first, I thought it was quite interesting, but then, I reverted back to my real self. Someone who doesn't fancy Mexican dramas that well. Haha.

Yeah. My last week just passed by like that. The same routine every single day. And now, I just finished reading a novel I bought two weeks ago, I dunno how I'm gonna face these coming weeks fascinatingly. Oh, have been busying myself in the kitchen helping my maid. And my mom during weekends. ;P And now I guess I've known how to prepare a few dishes by myself though have never tried before. Isn't it cool, when you just memorize the ingredients, and what to put in the frying pan first and all that, that you consider yourself a pro already? Wahahaha. xD Well, not a pro of course.

Oh, and am quite shocked to acknowledge the fact that Kyuhyun is only 3 years older than me!! xD *Wild fantasy begins xP* Miahahaha. None of those cheesy ones okay. ;P So guys, tell me, how and where can I find Korean websites that are devoted to Suju and Kyuhyun more specifically? I don't wanna waste my time searching when I have you guys to turn to. Hehe. And I did feel a tiny bit sad I didn't go to the Suju concert in Malaysia last April but come to think of it, I couldn't go though if I wanted to at that time. Had plans. Haha. Haish. Why is he so damn cute? Especially his sweet, adorable smile? And I just loveeeee to listen to his laughter. SO charming! x) Not to mention his beautiful voice. And am proud that he's one of the four lead vocalists in Suju. :D There's already a special folder for Kyuhyun in my laptop. Teehee xD Okay, I'll stop now else I'll keep blabbering about him. Hehe.

p/s : Saranghae Cho Kyu Hyun. x) *Okay, that truly sounds weird when I speak Korean ;P* Am your newest avid fan! ;D Oh, I do watch Korean dramas too, but not movies. ;P And you-know-who will always top my heart. Muahahaha xD

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dhilaaziz said...


♥darina♫ said...

ahahaha asal weh? aku suke tgk muke die je. sore pun sdap. aku ni newbie. cite la asal. -.-'

dhilaaziz said...

takla bagus la ko minat die. ingta kan ko takde taste hahahahahahahahahahaha kejam tak? ramai dak minat die compare to siwon padahal siwon lagi ensem pada aku. maybe sbb die sweet kot..

♥darina♫ said...

hahaha siwon mmg lg hensem pun. tp kyuhyun ni sweet la. evil magnae to his hyungs. hehe. sukala dgr dia gelak! ;D oh oh ko suke sape weh?? :D