Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Got A Pen?

Another hiatus.
Hehe sorry peeps.
It's just that there's nothing earth-shattering to report. ;P
I remember my last post was a day before I went for vacation to PD with cousins. ;D
And yeah, when you're with your entire family, a big one especially, it makes you feel even a whole lot better.
Was thinking of taking surveys like I usually do, but then I got so absorbed into watching videos of Suju on YT.
You can now consider me a die-hard fan of them all 13.
Though now there are only 10 left.
Oh, meanwhile, visit my Twitter page or this blog so you can get a hint on my daily thoughts, even when I'm not blogging.
Lame, I know.

p/s: So who here got Twitter account? Mind telling me?? This new account needs people to tweet to. ;D

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