Saturday, March 13, 2010

Miles To Go, Promises To Keep

Hi all! Wow. Never thought I would be blogging again. Hahaha. Yep. I know some of you miss my posts. xD How's everyone? I'd actually rather use Twitter than blog now I don't have the time to post anything. Urrgghhh. But yep, missing blogging. ;) Will change the layout in few days I think. Yea! Will renew my blog! Muahahaha. Just like you-know-who renews every aspect that involves KKR!! From jersey to spirituality! xD

Still remember KKR?? Kolkata Knight Riders? I used to post about it last year. First of all, Kolkata is a name of a city in India, can't remember in which state. ;P And it's a CRICKET team, co-owned by you-know-who. When I'm talking about KKR, that means IPL (Indian Premier League) season 3 has started!! And it just kicked off last night!! KKR versus DC (Deccan Chargers)!! Oh, cricket has been one of my favourite sports apart from badminton since last two years. ;P And yep, looking at my mood today, your right! KKR won last night by 11 runs!!! Defeating the defending champion DC!!! Yayyy!!! Finally!! A GREAT NEWS to my ears!! Hail Angelo Matthews and Owais Shah!! Excited to see Chris Gayle playing though. :D Oh, and am definitely looking forward to this Sunday's match, playing against Royal Challengers Bangalore. 'Cause what? 'Cause you-know-who is gonna be there and the whole film fraternity too to support, cheer, sing, dance for his team, OUR team!! xD

Oooohhh, enough of that already. ;P Just wanna let you guys know I'm sitting for my final exams this week. 3 papers left out of 4. Malaysian Politics, Chemistry and Physics. Oh, will definitely miss all my crazy, demented friends in uni especially my classmates once the semester is over. Haha. Oh yea, exams are over on the 19th. So, may the force be with me! ;D Your silent wishes and prayers mean a lot!

Till later!

p/s: Miles to go, promises to keep. We all have a common goal. :) Bring forward a drastic change and a spectacular performance KKR!! And oh! Went ice skating, bowling, and watched Alice In Wonderland last Thursday with Bella, Rose, Ala, Jana, Ruby, Su, Luq, Bel, Apek, Hairi, and Ijat. Thanks for the graciousness peeps! ;D Had a great time!

Signing off,