Monday, January 05, 2009

My Memories

wooo! lots of things have happened for the past 4 months. i've sat for my spm examination [11.11.08 - 27.11.08]..yup..woohoo! spm's over! but i've to admit, this year's papers, they're pretty tough..esp add maths..even my add maths teacher, pakyem, the head of examiner for add paper in johor bahru district predict that probably 50% is already enuf for a student to pass. u can imagine how difficult the paper is. hmm. these pics will tell u what happened for the past few months..

~ form five
dinner 2008 (24 oct 2008)

-->> this is me and ayzee [i'm in the purple scarf]

-->> these girls are/were my setmates [set 1~add 2008]
can you see me? standing just beside our sir.

-->> beauty pageant [hahah]
my classmates 5S 08.

~ prefects annual
dinner 2008 (1 nov 08)

-->> intan baizura samsudin and i had a wonderful meal that night.

-->> another beauty pageant.
form five prefects of 2008.
and the head girl is sitting right in front.

sorry, there are not so many photos i can put here. you see, just important memories in my diary of 2008. actually, there is more. but, later yeah? alvida [goodbye] 2008, welcome 2009!