Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just realised I have broken my promise not to put my blog on hiatus mode again. ;P Well thanks to Twitter for that. ;P Ahhh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEECHUL OPPA!! Stay young and cute forever! Am waiting for that one girl to appear in your life and see if you'll still have the arrogance in you by that time. Lol ;P

Have been down with fever and all that goes with it since Wednesday. Now I don't even know if I'll be able to attend Monday's classes or not. ^^" Oh yeah, finally settled my college bill just now. Thanks to internet banking. ;D Still new in this so still learning. Lol. Phew. I seriously thought I had pay for it last Wednesday. This thing really made me restless for days, since tomorrow is the deadline for the payment. ;P And now I think I'm having second thoughts on THAT co-cu uniform body I took just this afternoon. -.- Perhaps I should think it thoroughly. Well, I might have the passion for it, but perhaps not the determination. ;P Whatever it is, if I change my mind, I hope I can switch to other uniform body without any hassle.

And now you-know-who is currently in South Africa with his entire family to watch World Cup final. So sorry hun for your team's loss. German will win next time, hopefully. ;D Meanwhile, enjoy your time there and post lotsa pics on your Twitter account! x))) Hope to catch you next time! ;D Oh, I miss my friends on my first Twitter account. :((( Haven't been there for quite some time now. Hope they'll still remember me. :) Oh yeah, and I miss Feyruz too!! :'( She hasn't been online much either.

Rock your birthday Heechul! ;D
As I write this, Heechul's #heedictatorbday is trending worldwide at #2 spot while #Heenim is at #4. Cool, ain't it? :D

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