Monday, September 29, 2008

august 08 - september 08

hey hey hey, i'm back! how's life darina? well, main theek hoon..shah rukh bhi..=)..hahah. wow, can't believe it. the day after tomorrow is eid! lekin, i don't think my eid celebration this year is going to be as cheerful as past years..bcoz there are lots of homework to do. well, main toh karna hoga, naa? i'm going back to negeri sembilan this evening. can't wait to meet my cousins! hmm, what has happened during my school days? i've just had my second trial finished on the last tuesday. what else? pakyem is no longer mad at me. good. waise, it's my own fault i think. oh yea, my birthday was on the 21st of august rite? i really have no idea that min would make a surprise for me. yes. my best friend. faten sharmin nargis. i've never found a friend as loyal as her. i really appreciate her. well, together with tqasha and on, they bought me a birthday cake. i was touched because no one had ever done that for me before. min and i had an argument a couple of days before the school was closed but now it's solved. yea. what else? oh yea, my dad told me on the day he came to my school for 'solat hajat', he and my mom is planning to bring the whole family overseas again. they want us to feel how it is during winter. the last time we went oversea is to London. in November 2002. this time, in 2010 insyaAllah. kahan? mujhe nahin pata. at the same time, we're planning to go for umrah again as well. so, we're in the midst of confusion rite now. haa. i've just watched 'bhoothnath' just now. this film is really funny! and i surely fall for shah rukh's charm. though he only makes a special appearance. mujhe janaa hai. eid mubarak!