Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Need To Put On My Superhero Garb And Fly!

Fly to Slumberland! -.- It's currently 5:09 am and am sitting on my bed, feeding my ears to Charice's new song, Note To God. My, she's so good. Love her voice, and the song too. ;D Definitely suits my gloomy mood right now. -.- Oh, am indeed sleepy and my eyes are getting heavier by the second. It's just that I live during the night. Like a vampire. Like Edward. Haha. But my body will never glisten under the sun though. Haha. xP I sleep when it's almost noon. ;P And this will continue till right before I enter degree. Ughhh. Okay, I can already imagine what my life will be starting this July. -.- So there you go, a lil rant about my erratic, inconsistent sleeping behaviour during holidays. A nocturnal in the making! ;P

To add to the little rambles, imma talk about Twitter. My twitter account. Am following 305 persons, got 344 followers, listed in 22 lists, 203 direct messages in my inbox, countless of replies to me, and a total of 9,198 tweets as of now, but you would guess, that most of them were to you-know-who. Miahahaha. And oh, just discovered a Twitter bug just now, a bug which lets you to kinda 'force' another user to follow you, because if you want to send him/her a direct message, you guys need to follow each other. There, am giving you a tip. Lol. And yep, I did think of taking advantage of the situation to get you-know-who to follow me and send him a dm. ;D Thanks a lot to the genius Twitter hacker who did this! xD Twitter is so cool man. ;D Have been using it since last year and am a regular on the site. Oh, you'll probably be reading the same thing on Nik Hannah's blog too, since she too is a Twitterrer. ;P AND, just discovered Daniel Henney on Twitter!! Woohooo!! Have been his fan since i watched this one Korean movie of his, forgot the title. Eheh. Another man that can make me go weak in the knees. xP

I absolutely can't wait for the end of this month!! Because I'll be going for vacation with all my cousins from my mother's side!! To Port Dickson! Well, the happiness, the joy, and the excitement is what matters here regardless of where we go, right?? ;D 3 days, and 2 nights. ;) Oh May 28, come quick! And oh, you-know-who too is bringing his family to Istanbul this mid year for holiday. He usually vacations in London every July. Wonder what changes his mind this year. ;) I wish I can go to Turkey too some day! Heard it's a very nice, beautiful place! :D Okay, better stop my writing now, else you'll get bored. -.- ;P

p/s: Am helping AZ out on choosing the best accommodation for her in UK later. She's going to University of Bath in case you guys didn't know. Congrats to her! ;D Oh, I wanna go to University of Sheffield, the uni where my dad previously studied at. ;) I know I will some day. I have this one last chance if I wanna make it happen. That is right after my first year degree. So, the moral of the day is, stay in contact with the uni staff all the time. :|

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pegi mana ape?? =O