Sunday, May 25, 2008

get ready to go...

wow. in just a few hours, i will go to KLIA. oh, i just love to go to KLIA. whenever it is. i don't know, maybe because i like the picturesque there. maybe because it's a huge airport. maybe because there are so many places to shop there. hahah. though the prices are quite expensive. and also maybe because i like to play with the trolleys, along with my youngest brother. hah. im not being childish, but that's me. my departure time is at 3.30 am. so, goodbye malaysia. goodbye friends. goodbye everyone. do pray for my safety. alright, not much to say here. till then.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

guest of Allah

welcome back, SRKDK! hahah. talking to myself. it's not quite a long time since i last posted here, naa? yea, right. oh, i just love blogging. this is just the right place for me to spill out all the pressure mounting inside me. a diary of my life. hah. im going for umrah tomorrow. for those who don't know, umrah is a minor pilgrimage to Mecca. actually, my flight is on 26th, at 3.30 am. Can you imagine how tiring will i be? but no, think positive ok. wow, i can't wait to go there. the excitement inside me is blazing. i will be the guest of Allah, you see. don't worry, i will pray for everyone i know, for their long lasting peaceful and prosperous life. frankly speaking, im a bit scared to go there because of the numerous stories i've heard. but think positive. i always remind myself to think positive. im currently watching 'MOHABBATEIN'..just right beside this very computer. hahah. WAAAAA!! i just can't stand it! i just love shah rukh khan! heh. even i've watched this movie for thousand times already, tears just keep streaming down my cheek. well, what to do? my shahrukh is just the best, and he'll always be. sorry, i keep inserting his name in every post of mine. do u know why i love blogging? because to me, it's one of the ways of improving my eng...i just don't know why i keep thinking like that. shayad (meaning maybe), i like to write everything in english. i admit there's been even a slight improvement. right? and im so sorry if there's any misuse of english here.