Thursday, May 06, 2010

May May Bring A New Shine To My Life

Woooohoooo!! Am on cloud nine at the moment!! xD Coz I just received my copy of My Name Is Khan original DVD this morning!! x) Just seen the special features and totally loveeeeeeeeeed them!! Especially all the unseen deleted scenes. Yea. Most of the scenes were quite essential to the film but I guess they didn't do much difference though. That's why they were cut, right?? But I still wish some of them were in the film. :P Who has seen the film??? :D Tell me your verdict guys!! Oh, can't wait for his new superhero sci-fi film - Ra.One!! Which stands for Random Access Version One. Even he doesn't understand it himself, why he's naming his next project as such. ;P

Oh, did I tell you that we had our annual dinner last two months?? I know I didn't. Haha. The dinner for foundation of engineering students was held on the 27th of February 2010 at INTECMA (pardon if the spelling is wrong -.-). I thought the night would be soulless if we weren't feasted with any performances. So I talked to the committee member for performance, that I would want to perform on that night. Haha. And eventually we made a group consisted of 7 guys and 5 girls and danced to Sorry Sorry (Suju), Geli Mat - guys ; and Gee (SNSD), Jai Ho - girls. The hall was quite small so I could feel each eyeball staring at us. Lol. I love to dance and have been joining dance performances since I was 7. ;P The feeling was good, obviously, when you do something you're passionate about. -.-" Eheh. And yes, I did get compliments and accolades for my choreography for the Jai Ho item number (PCD version) which brought smile to my face throughout the night and a few days that followed especially when the positive comments came from most of my guy friends. Muahahaha.

Please note that there was no sexy moves at all. It's just that perhaps they never thought we could dance. Miahahaha. Oh, won't post the video in which I was dancing in but will post the one about the standing prayer mat in my next post. :)

p/s: So what else could I be doing during these holidays?? Aside from online-ing, sitting in front of the TV, reading novels, watching Korean dramas (newly found hobby -.-"), sending and fetching my brother and sister to and from school every day?? Am trying to lose my weight through dancing! x) Haha. It's a form of exercise too, you know. ;P Oh this post definitely does not relate to the title at all, right?? Haha. xP

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syAzwnEng said...

x tgk lagi.. hhuhu

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

aaahhh ye ke? haha. takpe2. sila tgk nnt ye. xD klau tak, nyesal :P