Friday, November 13, 2009

4.0 Is My Next Goal!

Wee! Just checked my results for the first semester. Alhamdulillah...I pass. I was SO shocked to see my pointers. =O I thought there was something wrong with my eyes till I checked and double-checked and triple-checked to make sure my laptop's working fine. Okay, so the results is good. I'm very relieved 'cause I was actually expecting much lower pointers. Now, I think this is a good start in my way to achieve my dream to study in the UK next year. :) I don't know. But now I definitely am more study-spirited for my next semester. :) With the help from Allah and my hard work, 4.0 will soon be mine!! :D Bear in mind that a full transformation will take place in me!! (Except in some areas :P)

Hmm, thought I would share my happiness with you guys. :) Don't forget me in your prayers. :)

Signing off,

InsyaAllah, I'll Get To Meet Him!!!

Hi people! Back to blogging. :) Actually, I've been meaning to post this 2 days ago as soon as the news was out but then I was too excited my fingers were trembling everytime I touched the keyboard. Then, I thought to post it the next day but then I was struck by grief and sorrow I didn't have the mood to post anything. Now my mood is better and I'll post the news.


Woohoo!!!!! I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO SO happy and excited!!!!! XD Finally, his concert!!!!!! In which I might be able to meet him in person!!!!! This was exactly my reaction when I first heard the news. I was jumping, singing, grinning, it took me more than an hour to sleep thinking about the concert. must think that I'm REALLY crazy huh? Hahaha. We Shah's fans are like this. :DDD The concert will be held at the Hang Jebat Stadium in Kerubong, Malacca. Actually, the matter whether the concert will actually be held depends on the sponsorship. If anyone is willing to sponsor, then the concert will happen and vice versa. But I think it will happen 'cause who wouldn't want to sponsor SHAH RUKH KHAN concert?? There comes the logic.

The concert planned for December 11 will be held in conjunction with the UN World Assembly of Youths 60th Anniversary celebrations to be held in Malaysia (specifically in Malacca I guess) next month. So, I've told my friends from Singapore about this and they will InsyaAllah come!!! Woohoo!!! So, that means I will be going with them!! XD Well, I don't want to put my hopes too high though. But if this really happens, this will be the first time ever I meet Shah and the first time I go to a concert (excluding concerts I went when I was a kid :P)!!!!! I don't want to think about it much, seriously, until it's 2 weeks or one week away til the concert but what can I do? I get enticed whenever news about the concert comes out almost everyday. ;DDD And this is the latest I received this morning.

From the Orkut community & now it seems very reliable:
MNIK promotion starts on the 1st week of December
Confirmed news. The promotion kicks off with a music+promo launch event. It will be telecasted live by all news channels.

Final date is still not decided, but will be in the 1st week of December. SRK is travelling to Malaysia on the weekend 10-11, so the first media event will be in the 1st week of December.

I've always imagined myself catching Shah at the KLIA. ;))) I hope I will and I pray that I can attend the concert with those Singaporeans. :D In the meantime, my friends from Singapore asked me to search for the nearest hotel to the stadium so that we can stay there and I'm also doing a research on which hotel Shah usually stays at when he's in Malacca. Might get to catch him in the hotel too. :)

p/s: Will post about MNIK soon, to promote the movie. :) Dosto, please pray for me that I get to meet one of my greatest role models (you don't know him in person) ever during the concert. And I pray that nothing can stop me to go to the concert THIS TIME. :)

Oh yea, can't wait to meet Mr. Amitabh Bachchan this Monday!!! XD (Haha, Jia selalu panggil dia Amitabh Belacan. :P)

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Kill Your Time Here

Wow. It has been a very very VERY long time since I last posted. Hmm, I made it sound like months huh? Haha. Not that long actually. Just a week or so. :P First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shah Rukh dear. :D His birthday was on the 2nd of November but I was so busy downloading and uploading his videos that day I didn't have the time to wish him here. Me and my fellow friends from around the world have gifted him few presents and he loves them!! Not that everyone cares about it though, except me. :P Okay, so this is my 5th week of holiday and soon enough I will enter my second semester. Do I feel anything? Scared? Excited? Or plain heartless? Nothing. So heartless suits me. And next week is my last week at home. In the meantime, I'm enjoying every portion of minute left so that I won't miss home as bad as when I was in Form 1. Hahaha. No, it will never happen, as I go back home every weekend.

Much has happened lately but the biggest event yet to happen is the YES! XD Hehs, sorry for bringing this up in every post but I promise ya, it will end after the event ends. It's only a week away and I'm getting excited for this! Just yesterday I told my parents that I'm attending the summit on the Nov. 16th & 17th and Alhamdulillah...*nasib baik green light! ;D* So that means I will skip classes for two days and a half. 'Cause I'll be back by Wednesday. Weee~Staying at a hotel. This is gonna be awesome. Plus, I get to meet AMITABH BACHCHAN!! I'll bring back some photos if I get one with him. ;)

So, to kill the time, I'm now writing two stories, basically love stories but to be noted: they're decent love stories. ;) I want to liven up the decent romance in novels where for instance the boy would look at the girl from far and all that. Haha and I like it that my readers are loving both! ;D They're entitled Little Bits of Heaven and Lovestruck.

Looking forward to February 12, 2010! Watch out for My Name Is Khan!! The Power of Three - SRK, Kajol, Karan Johar; will capture the Indian Cinema audience again and it will be the biggest mega blockbuster ever produced!! XD

p/s: 1 - I didn't win the dashing white suit you-know-who wears in his movie Billu. It goes to a girl named Mery who lives in Peru. :( But never fear, Raj is here, I'll win the you-know-who's costume for his upcoming movies!!! ;DDD

2 - I hope my results won't disappoint me. 'Cause I promise myself to work harder and study smarter in the future to achieve my dreams! :) Aminnn....

3 - Oh yea, I've received the top I won from the radio. ;)

Signing off,