Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As Promised

Hey, remember I promised you the video of the prayer mat? You'll be able to see it at the end of the post, after I finish doing this first. ;P

1. 5 names that people call you
- darina
- doreen
- dena
- domi
- shah rukh khan xP

2. 5 important dates for you
- my parents' birthdays
- sibling's birthdays
- my birthday. it's august 21, note that. xP
- you-know-who's birthday
- the day i met my hero, you-know-who, 0404 x)

3. 5 things you have done yesterday
- bawling my eyes out while watching the mega blockbuster, My Name Is Khan
- text-ing (duhh!)
- driving my youngest bro to school ;P
- driving myself to dreamland :)
- honestly, i can't recall what i did yesterday :|

4. 5 ways to be happy
- try to put a whole lot of new hopes before you
- stay high-spirited always
- look at the world on the bright side
- do stuffs that only you know can make you jump on cloud nine :)
- see, the most imperative is to shift to positivity. now or never. ;)

5. 5 favourite movies (okay, some of em)
- the latest being My Name Is Khan xD
- all SRK-starrers directed by Karan Johar
- Black
- Nayak
- Main Aisa Hi Hoon

6. 5 favourite hobbies
- I have too many hobbies ;P

7. 5 favourite TV shows
- Koffee With Karan
- Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane
- Keeping Up With The Kardashians
- Running In Heels
- Dance India Dance and DID Lil Masters

8. 5 favourite place for vacation (include those that you want to go)
- London!
- India
- Rome
- Turkey
- Korea

9. 5 reasons you answer the survey
- I'm bored
- I want to post something
- Taty tagged me (well, I asked her to ;P)
- I love taking surveys! ;D
- It looks interesting ;P

10. 5 person to tag
- dila
- farz
- hans
- sara jen
- shazrin

Oh I'm tagging those I feel ain't busy and are active bloggers. ;P


So, below is the video I promised earlier. Let's see if it gives you chills like it did to me. ;P

3 mind(s) swirling:

.izzati liyana. said...

still shah rukh khan aa?

♥darina♫ said...

ehehehe harusla. setia la ni namanya. miahahaha xP

shazrinkeshaz said...

wakaka~ terharu maa~
thanks srk!!