Monday, May 03, 2010

0404 - The Moment I'll Cherish Forever; The Minute Everything Falls Into Place; The Day It All Starts x)

I will SO remember this date, 0404. April 4th. Never ever would I imagine that it'd be so magical for me. Aaahhh, I've been meaning to post this ever since that day itself but I got so excited every time and decided to keep it to myself. Hehe. Oh before I proceed, I need to remind you guys this is mainly about you-know-who, how I finally met him for the first time in my life though it was only a brief meeting. x) So, it's up to you to continue reading or otherwise. ;P

To meet Shah Rukh Khan in person is one of my HUGEST dreams in life and finally after almost 13 years of waiting, Allah granted me my wish. :D First of all, you must know that I admire SRK the human more than SRK the actor, and I believe I have stated that before. :) To explain in detail the whole journey it took to meet him would be a looooooong one for you so I will shorten it. ;P

So, on Saturday, April 3rd afternoon, my dad sent me to the train station because I was going to Tqasha's house for a sleep over. Well, that was what I told him and actually that was to happen. Then, I bought a ticket to the KL Central and from there, I took a bus to the KLIA. All these years, I thought foreign celebrities would arrive at that particular airport because it's the main international airport for Malaysia and etc etc. So what I had in mind was that Shah Rukh would be arriving at and departing from that airport.

I arrived there at 3.30 pm. I quickly went to the departure hall because I had no idea when Shah Rukh would be leaving and I assumed it was supposed to be on that Saturday itself. Those tweets from him kept showing in my head and I kept thinking what clue I could get from those. Went to this one staff, asked him if Shah Rukh had passed through the departure gate. He was kinda surprised and said no but would try to help me by asking other staffs. I checked at the VVIP lounge but there was no booking for Shah Rukh. So, I made up my mind to stay there and wait til Shah Rukh showed up. Walked, roamed around with eyes kept wide open, went outside and waited for 2 hours but no sign of him til it was 7 pm.

Thanks to all you guys who kept me awake and kept me in company the whole night. I tweeted from phone to kill the time thank God I brought another phone. I really really appreciate what you guys had done for me. :') Mehza, Riz, Pri, Mama Ela, Andrea, Salma, Feyruz, and others sorry for not mentioning your name. I must admit my spirits were quite deterred that night. I wasn't really hopeful I would get to see Shah Rukh in front of me. But thanks to the tweets they kept me going. I nearly gave up. Then, went back to the VVIP lounge and asked again. Told them that Shah Rukh would be leaving on a private jet. (Thank God one of Shah's best friends replied my tweet! That was the BIGGEST clue I could have.) But the staffs told me the same thing. I made friends with them instantly and so they promised would tell me if they knew anything. They asked me to wait at the lounge as there are only two VVIP lounges here; for kings (other building) and normal VVIPs. They said for people like Shah Rukh, he'd be using the lounge here. Was happy at hearing the news. Then around 5 am, the same staff at the lounge called out for me and said Shah Rukh won't be leaving from KLIA but from other airport. I was so damn terrified I'd miss him. Who knows if he'd be leaving early in the morning and the bus service here only starts operating at 6.30 am. It would take almost 2 hours and a half to get to the airport.

To cut the story short, I went to the mentioned airport the next morning with my 2 friends I just knew that morning and they were very nice. Except that one person. He was a bit rude. Haha. Reached there at 10:40 am. Asked the people at the information counter about Shah Rukh's flight and she said it's true he'd be leaving from there. Yes!! My heart skipped a HUGE beat. But she said the flight was at 10 am and so I went "Damn! He's gone!" There were tears at the corner of my eyes but no one saw them. ;P But then my friends forced her to tell us more. And we went to this counter, met some lady but she just wouldn't divulge on more details! We went back to the information lady and asked where the people boarding a private jet would pass through and she told us.

Went to the mentioned place and talked to the guards there if they could do anything to help us. Oh my, after lots and lots of talking and begging, they helped a bit. Met a man named Mr. Ali. He was so cool man. Haha he sat with us when we had our breakfast and told us about Shah Rukh. We begged to enter the area with his consent but he just wouldn't listen because he said private jets area is prohibited to enter without passes. We did everything we could think of so he would help us meet Shah Rukh but to no avail. Then he talked about Shah Rukh. That there were 6 passengers on the private jet. But the meals provided were only for 5 of them. Not enough. He was worried because he said Shah Rukh eats a lot. xP Yesterday after Shah Rukh got back from the Grand Prix, he said Shah Rukh went straight to his room to have rest and didn't have anything for dinner. But Mr. Ali did help us though, just couldnt get us inside. I envy his son because his son got to enter the area and be at the VVIP area inside the building to meet Shah Rukh! -.-

So he told us he got info from Shah Rukh's bodyguard that he would be leaving the hotel at 12.20 pm and there would be 4 cars. We were so excited and waited til the said time. Got ready. Told the guards to close the gate first because we were going to stop the cars. And they obliged. :D So, the first car came. I recognized this one guy at Mannat immediately. Subhash Jain. Shah Rukh's assistant who has been with him for nearly 13 years (can't remember). Oh my God, Shah Rukh is really gonna be here!!! =O Second car came, no sign of him.

After almost 15 minutes later, the third and last came. I was jaw-dropping when I immediately saw the REAL SHAH RUKH KHAN at the back of the third car!!!!!!!! xD HOLY CRAP!!!! The first thing I noticed was his spiky hair then his glasses!!!! DAMN!!!! This man is much much more gorgeous in real!!!!!! I was about to shout and scream but no voice came out!! I rushed to the car and we asked him to roll down the car window. Saw a lady beside him but couldn't remember her but she was smiling at us. And Shah Rukh moved his body forward a bit and I saw he was asking YASEEN to roll down the car window. Oh my God, Yaseen is so cute!! SRK's personal bodyguard he is. And he's so sweet! He's definitely a celebrity too now to me. Actually, I was looking forward to see him more. Hahah. Because that's where it starts. But sadly he didn't roll the window down to at least half. We were actually hoping Shah Rukh to come out of the car if he wanted to and take pics if possible but yea. It was hot. I understand that. xP But DAAAANNNNGGGGG!!!!!!! He put his hand out and shook our hands!!!!!!!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH I actually touched him!!!!!!!!!!! I actually felt his skin!!!!! Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God. I wanted to scream but couldn't!!! I was starstruck!!! We didn't shake properly as the car was moving slowly and just got to shake the tip of his fingers. I couldn't imagine in my whole life that I'm actually seeing my favouritest person in the world in front of me at that moment!!!! Breathing the same air, was at the same ground as me. The one I see on my laptop, on screen everyday!! In my OWN country!! Not mobbed or surrounded by people!! Just the three of us there!! I had all my speech in my head earlier but got blank at that moment. We even forgot to say "I love you!" It was all too fast. Then the convertible went inside. Well, actually I thought the meeting would be more special as there were only three of us who knew that he's leaving from the airport. We thought we could take pics and ask for autographs. But yea.. I understand. So, that's the only memory of him I have with me. Even though it was only a split second meeting, I'm very thankful and grateful to Allah He listens to my prayers. xD Please more luck come my way especially where Shah Rukh is concerned. :P I hope and I pray that the next time he comes, I'll be able to meet him properly, in person. So the next time shall be! I know there will be a next time for me. x) And oh, the airport is only 5 minutes away from my house!!! I felt like pulling Shah Rukh out of the car and bringing him to my house!!!! May he come with a private jet and depart from that particular airport more often. xP

p/s: Yea. The whole journey was worth enduring and yep, was alone. So it made it so much more special. Hehe (^^,) Danggg. I knew he was staying at the hotel I had in mind earlier. I mean, the idea popped into my mind but I never knew he was really there until Mr. Ali told us!! =O But there's nothing to regret though. xP Oh, was having pms so cuti-cuti Malaysia! ;P

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shazrinkeshaz said...

agagaga. klaka la, tp pengalaman yg x dpt dlupakan.. btol x?
ahahha, best le, rezeki namenye..
btw, lenkali, mintak le nak amik gamba sekali..
dye x nak, pakse je!
ok, chow chin chow~

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

salam! ahaha mmg an experience yg x dpt dilupakan dan x akan! x) mmg weh, aku nk amek gmba skali tp aku dpt amek gmba dia je la. aku post kt fb and twitter. ;P
ala lgpun masa tu kete dia tgh jln, guards tu plak strict x kasi masok. cet! x( Haha. tp x pela. hope there will be a next time. x) <3