Sunday, April 27, 2008

my favourite song. dastaan hai yeh. om shanti om.

sunne walo suno aisa bhi hota hai
dil deta hai jo
woh jaan bhi khota hai
pyar aisa jo karta hai
kya mar ke bhi marta hai
aao tum bhi aaj sunlo

dastaan hai yeh ke ek tha naujawan jo dil hi dil mein ek haseena ka tha deewana
woh haseena thi ke jiski khoobsurti
ka duniya bhar mein tha mashhoor afsana
dono ki yeh kahani hai jis ko sabhi
kehte hai OM SHANTI OM...

naujawan ki thi aarzoo
uski thi yahi justjoo
us haseena mein usko mile
ishq ke sare rang-o-hoor (2x)

usne na jana yeh nadani hai
woh reth ko samjha ke pani hai
kyun aisa tha kis liye tha
yeh kahani hai

dastaan hai yeh ke us dilkash haseena ke
nigahon dil mein koi doosra hi tha
bekhabar is baat se us naujawan ke khwaabon ka anjaam toh hoona bura hi tha
toote khwaabon ki is dastaan ko sabhi
kehte hai OM SHANTI OM...

sunne walo suno aisa bhi hota hai
koi jitna hanse utna hi rota hai
deewani hoke haseena khayi kya dhoke haseena
aao tum bhi aaj sunlo

dastaan hai yeh ke us masoom haseena ne jise chhaha woh tha andar se harjaaee
sang dil se dil lagake
bewafaa ke haath aake usne ek din maut hi paayi
ek sitam ka fasaana hai jisko sabhi
kehte hai OM SHANTI OM...

kyun koi qaatil samajhta nahin
yeh jurm woh hai jo chupta nahin
yeh daag woh hai jo mitta nahin
rehte hai khooni ke rath par
khoon us haseena ka jab tha hua
koi wahan tha pahunch toh gaya
lekin use woh bachcha na saka
roya tha pyaar uski maat par

dastaan hai yeh ke jo pehchaanta hai khooni ko woh naujawan hai lautke aaya
keh rahi hai zindagi qaatil samajhle uske sarpe chha chhuka hai maut ka saaya
janmon ki karmon ki hai kahani jise
kehte hai OM SHANTI OM (3X)


Listeners, listen, it happens like this sometimes
One who gives their heart gives their life also
Someone who loves like that
Is dead
Come, you listen as well today
The story was that there was a young guy who was mad for a beauty
That beauty was one whose beauty was a famous story all around the world
The story is of these two and is titled "Om Shanti Om"

The youngster's only wish and desire
Was that he finds the colours of love in that beauty

He didn't know his naivety
To convince him was like trying to stop the river flowing
Why was it like this, for what reason?
Here it is

The story was that the intoxicating beauty had somebody else in her eyes and heart
That youngster's dreams were bound to have a bad ending
The story of these broken dreams is known as "Om Shanti Om"

Listeners, listen it happens this way sometimes
As much as one laughs, one must cry
Being in love that beauty, how she was fooled
Listen to it today

The story is that the man the innocent beauty loved was disloyal
Loving such an unfaithful she was only to suffer death at his hands
This tale of woes is known as "Om Shanti Om"

Why a murderer never understands
This is a crime that cannot be hidden
It is a stain that cannot be erased
It stays on the hands of the killer
It stays on the hands of the killer
Someone reached her
But he was unable to save her
He cried on her body

The story is that the youngster who knows the murderer had returned
Life had destined that he too met the shadow of death
This tale of births, deaths and miracles is known as "Om Shanti Om"
It is called "Om Shanti Om" (3x)

my other favourite song, apart from dard-e-disco from the same movie.

namaste everyone..

heheh..long time no hear, right? i've been kind of busy lately and am not feeling very well..i have a fever u know..yay! finally i've gotten a nephew! elman uqail, isn't his name so sweet and symbolises a perfect person? i dont know what's the meaning of his name but it surely means something good, naa? friends and i had just celebrated my dormate's birthday on 23rd of april..nasnie elya 'aqila..she was so happy because her best friend was there that night..but now, she's a bit upset and frustrated because she lost her mp4..what to do? we've no idea if she misplaced her mp4..btw, my mid-term is comin..and it's APRIL ALREADY!!! wow! only bout 4 months left for trial and 6 months for the REAL SPM!! for those who don't know what SPM is, it means Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia..a particular exam in Malaysia, that will decide one's future, to study abroad or locally afterwards..i really wish i can further my studies in engineering in London or U.K. next year..i hope so..keep praying for the best.