Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tagged Again :)

1. 3 names in your message inbox
- Dila, Tqasha, Miss Raha

2. Your main ring tone
- i don't even know if i had one. i miss my samsung, badly. bila nak ada duit to repair my phone ni? T_T

3. What did you do at 12 last night?
- oh, sleeping! *grins* finally i managed to sleep early after a month plus at home :D

4. Who was the last person you went out with? Where?
- Dila, Dayahkam and Tqasha. where? times square. :D i don't go out often i tell ya.

5. The colour of t-shirt you're wearing now
- maroon ;D close to my fav colour, red x)

6. The last thing you did
- am so preoccupied at home i don't realise that. hahaha

7. 3 of your everyday favourite routines
- laughing my a** off watching Niles and Babcock in The Nanny, online-ing (duhh!), reading the love story between the hottest vampire Edward and the klutz Bella x)

8. The colour of your bedroom
- yellow yellow dirty fellow. hahaha

9. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?
- pfft! please don't ask. i don't even wanna know -.-

10. How's life currently?
- dull. seriously. so period.

11. Your favourite song?
- i have too many. can't decide which

12. What will you do next weekend?
- this weekend it'll probably be a sleepover at farz's but next weekend, holiday trip with all my cousins! oohlala! xD

13. When was the last time you see your mom?
- last night. yea. woke up early today, but didn't get to see her off to work. as usual. -.-

14. Where is she now?
- office

15. When was the last time you talk to your parents?
- seriously are you asking me this Q? okay, last night

16. The last surprise you got?
- frankly, it's been ages since i'd gotten a surprise from anyone :'(((

17. Last thing you borrowed from your friend?
- errr...

18. Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife?
- nobody. told ya my life is dull. i'm going through a phase in life where everything seems pointless and lifeless

19. What do you feel right now?
- oh, i just feel like grieving all day long

20. The last time you feel so sad?
- might be just last week. -.-

p/s: Tagged by Taty.

3 mind(s) swirling:

TATY said...

ehee! :)

dhilaaziz said...

asalsedih sangat hidup kau aku baca..
aku lupanak bagi sikit keceriaan aku kat kau ngehngehngeh..:D

♥darina♫ said...

taty - sila la tag lagi. haha ;D

dila - isk3. mmg sgt sedih pun hidup aku ni. tggu je la bila nk okay balik -.-
oh, kau dtg aritu pun dh lupe sedih tu dah. :)