Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Had A Blast! And Happy Teacher's Day!

Hey all! Wow. It's Tuesday already and so much time has passed by. Well, am in a good mood today 'cause I woke up early in the morning at 5.30 (considered an achievement ;P) since I hit the sack at 11.30 pm last night, possibly the earliest ever for the past few months. Haha. It's been too long since I got to wake up fresh, not feeling groggy in the morning due to either lack of sleep or late nite sleep. ;P And am hoping that fresh, positive vibes are coming my way, by hook or by crook. Wuahahaha. x)

Couldn't get online properly and as usual since last Saturday 'cause had friends over for sleepover. ;D And they're all my schoolmates, three of em. Dayahkam, Dila, and Tqasha. Those two days including Sunday were a hell lotsa fun. Actually, it was a last minute planning. I only asked Dila last week if she would wanna come over and sleep at my house since her exams would be over Saturday noon and so she agreed. So I thought of asking others who live nearby if they too would wanna join and they did. ;D Dayahkam came to my house Saturday noon and we went straight to Dila's place to fetch her up and while waiting for Tqasha, I brought em to SACC mall and PKNS. ;P And as usual, after a few attempts did I only get my parking right. xP I suck at that yeah. -.-

After Asar prayer, all of us learned to make caramel pudding, my mom's recipe. The process was fun and so was the result. ;P The pudding tasted great, like the one my mom always makes, well, the only pudding I can eat 'cause I hate pudding to be honest until I tasted my mom's few months back. Hehe. Done, then I instantly went to my bedroom and slept 'cause I didn't sleep a wink the previous night, watching videos of MJ, and yeah, I miss Michael Jackson. :'(((

Ooohhh, that night we had BBQ!! We ate outside of my house, in the lawn, breathing the cool night air. Haha. Had so much talk and laugh and it did bring back memories from our schooling years. We did a great job in reminiscing 'ol times oh yeah. Haha. Suddenly I feel so old by the sound of it. xP Very early the next morning, we took a stroll around my neighborhood, which I missed doing. ;P And oh, since it was Teacher's Day, we rang Pn Rapeah, Ustaz Amin, Pn Bahayah and Pakyem. Felt good to hear their voices again. :) Totally missing em all. And so the rest of the day was spent at Times Square, watching A Nightmare On Elm Street. The movie was awesome I tell ya! :D One, two, Freddie's coming for you... Goosebumps! xP Dayahkam and Tqasha went back to their home that day but Dila stayed back for another night. Haha. So basically we just hung around in my room and watched Personal Taste. ;P

p/s: Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend! ;D Oh, I had fear and tears in my eyes this morning when the thought of everyone leaving me to study abroad later in the future hit me. Haiz... -.- S'okay, hope luck will come knocking my door from this day onwards so I can achieve my dreams too and we can visit each other in the future, even if we're in different continents. Wuahahaha. ;D And oh, Farz's place this weekend! Harap2 jadi eh. xP

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shazrinkeshaz said...

aku pun nak la!!
nak ikut!!

♥darina♫ said...

hehe sila buat tempahan dgn farz

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