Monday, March 17, 2008


hi again..hahah, i'm currently sitting in front of this monitor..writing in this blog.not much to say, juz wanna tell ya, the reason i put mumbai, india in my blog is because i really wish to live in india..or at least go to india. it's not that i'm not being patriotic to my own country, but..(speechless)..actually, i live in selangor, malaysia. hey, what else is the reason i wanna go to india? it's a shahrukh-hunt! i know this dream will one day come true..hahah, hopefully..before srk's hair turns grey..this year i'm sitting for a very big exam that will decide my future. if i get SUPERB results, i hope to pursue my studies abroad. then, there's a bigger opportunity for me to encounter my heartthrob, no need to mention who it is, rite? it's obvious, isn't it? well, now u know, plz do pray for that my dream will come true..i know it will. but still, dont be over-confident, hahah..! k, the CC is closing. gotta go. till then.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


hi back with my second post. hahah. gosh, i haven't had the time to continue with my blog. well, in just a few mins, i'm going back to reality..which is going back to my school. i'm studying in a boarding school. but this is my last year. relieved. really gotta go. i'll hit back later. will miss ya, shahrukh. will miss everyone too.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hi all!

hey ya...this is my first post in my blog..i call this blog a journey of life because it is, journey of my life..i'm currently in a swing's now 2.21 am here in malaysia, starting to feel sleepy..hahah..lots to say but hey, i gotta sleep..hope that whoever drops by this blog, please feel free to leave, til tomorrow!