Friday, October 09, 2009

Where's The Tooth Fairy?

Hi. I've changed my blog title again. Now it's "Betrayal Is Forbidden". Wonder where I got the idea to name my blog by this name? Hehe. I watched the Taiwanese drama I told you about, "Heaven's Wedding Gown/Wedding Gown From Heaven". And Aaron Lu/Lu Zi Hao said these words. Actually, this sentence holds a very true, deep meaning. Betrayal is forbidden in every kind of relationship. Be it husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, between friends or amongst families. So let's make the world a better place to live by not betraying or backstabbing people.

Yesterday I cleaned up my room. It took a whole day to tidy up the WHOLE room. Nevertheless the room is still not as tidy, as neat, as clean, as spotless as I want it to be. Haiz. Need more time I guess. :P Then suddenly I found this old pink shoes box. When I opened it, I saw letters and cards and pictures and my diaries. Geez. Never thought I could have these so many items. So I read them one by one, reminiscing old memories all by myself. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried. But at most times I laughed. :D Looking back at those pictures of the little me, how jovial I was, how foolish I looked, and of course how cute I posed. :P Lol. Many years have passed by and here I am, an 18-year old girl, much much different from then. Very much different. Sometimes I wish I could travel back to the past and live that memories again. :)

Oh yea. Another big physical change people can observe on me. My 'special' tooth. Now. I know people will read this but what do I care? I don't give a damn on what they want to say about me. How ugly I look. Or how I am the factor a picture looks ugly when I smile with my mouth open. Only those who know me and have seen me know what I'm talking about. Well, I cried last night thinking about it. And just now my brother made fun of my tooth when he saw my picture. How sad. Well, the least thing could happen is tears dwelling in my eyes. :) How I really want to look as pretty as everyone else when I smile. Hmm. I don't know when I can have that moment. Well, my parents and I did consult a specialist about 2 years ago. But he said, if I want to undergo a surgery to remove the tooth, I will have to wait until I reach a certain age. This is because if I underwent the surgery, I might get blind. Because the tooth's nerves are connected to the eye's nerves. I don't know how to explain this but you get the idea right? Hmm... but whatever it is, I can now accept the fact and thankful to the Most Almighty Allah. Some people told me that I looked sweet with that tooth. But somehow I cannot deny the fact that I become quite apprehensive thinking of people's impression on me, that perhaps they would laugh at me, and I don't have much confidence in facing people I tell ya.

Okay, enough with the tooth thingy. Wanna do some surveys. :) But before that, let me ask you. Should I go for the surgery? Should I take the risk?

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