Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Open House? 2

Hi guys. Sorry for the late post. Lol. I really want to update my blog right now but currently I'm having headache so I think I can't post tonight. And the current time is 2:08 am, Oct. 21st. Probably because of the fact that I didn't sleep at the normal time normal Malaysians would sleep at. I think it was four nights in a row. Yea, last week. I even didn't get enough sleep the night before my open house was held. Slept at around 4-5 am and woke up at 8:30 am. After I got up at 6:50 am for Subuh prayer, went back to sleep. Haiz.. I can't imagine how red my eyes were that day.

Okay, gotta go now. Refilling my energy fuels and recharging my jism (body)!

Signing off,

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