Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Place Called Here

Okay people. My gum is bleeding. I have no idea why. I hate blood!! Oh yea, one fact about me probably many don't know. I can faint when I see blood. Yep. I remember myself watching a Bollywood movie this one day at the school canteen in 2006. Haha, my habit whenever it turned Saturday. The boy was badly injured on his shin therefore he had to get few stitches. So, there was this one scene where he partook in a running event in his school and when he was about to reach the finishing line, his shin started to bleed again, profusely. Apparently, his stitches got torn. And I began to feel dizzy. My head was spinning. I felt like puking. Then, I called my parents and told them what happened. Instead of given encouragement, I was scolded for watching the scene since I knew I couldn't face blood. Haha. There you go. I almost collapsed. ;P

Today is Oct. 27th. So, it was last week. Hmm. I got MUET last week, on Oct. 20th, exactly a week before. MUET speaking actually. Well, not going to say much because you know how I hate speaking in English, SPONTANEOUSLY, aur woh bhi in public. I don't like given situation and points, and I have to talk about that in 2 minutes. Haha. But I hope I did well. Now, I just have to wait for Nov. 7th to finish the other remaining exams.

And I so want to win the trip to YES 2009!! Hahahaha. ;DD

Signing off,

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tikapad said...

poor you
x ley tg darah,hehe
gud luck exam dude :))
ak pon exam gk nnt

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

haha mmg la wei. aku mmg 90% ah sure akan pengsan tgk darah. haha.
thanks for the wish. good luck and all the best to you too! ;D

imyt! ;DDD
igt janji2 kite! hahaha