Friday, October 09, 2009

Survey #20 - My Life in 4 Steps

.::The Basics::.

Name - darina

Birthdate - August 21, 1991

Birthplace location - kuala lumpur, malaysia

Where you live now - subang bestari, shah alam, selangor, malaysia. :D

How many siblings do you have? - 4.

Are you the eldest, in the middle, or youngest? - the eldest.

Do you wear glasses or contacts? - contacts. sometimes glasses.

Do you look like your Mom or your Dad? - more like my dad.

How tall are you? - can't remember. but i'm kinda short. :P

Would you change your height if you could? If yes...taller or shorter? - taller o'course!

What color is your hair? - black.

Have you ever dyed it? - yep.

Put highlights in it? - no.

What grade will you be going into? - finished high school already.

.::Step 2: Your Home::.

How long have you lived in the house you're living in? - 8 years.

Do you like it there? - sort of.

Do you have a lot of trees by your house? - you can say it like that

Do you have a basement? If so, is it finished? - no.

In your basement, do you have a pool table, ping-pong table, etc? - no basement, so none of the things i have.

How many rooms are in your house? - 6.

Do you like your bedroom? - hmm.. pretty.

Describe your room - i'm not good at describing things. :P

What color is the carpet in your room? - maroon.

Do you have your own bathroom or do you have to share one? - own.

How many bathrooms are in your house? - 3.

What is across the hall from your room? - PC?

Do you have a TV or a computer in your room? - yea.

.::Step 3: Your Hobbies/Activities/Favorites::.

What's your favorite sport to play? to watch? - badminton to play. cricket to watch.

Do you collect anything? - haha. no. i collect novels and bollywood mags and bollywood VCDs. :P

Do you prefer to watch TV or watch a movie? - movie. :)

What's your favorite TV show? - koffee with karan, tere mere beach mein, oye! it's friday

Favorite movie? - veer zaara is one of 'em.

What's your favorite kind of music to listen to? - any kind. as long as it's good to the ears.

Who's your favorite band/artist? - don't have one.

Do you have an iPod? - just a regular mp4 player.

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? - sleeping? hahaha

Do you like to read? - very much!!

What's your favorite sports team? - KKR!!

Have you been to a professional sports game in the last 2 months? - no :(

.::Step 4: Your Future::.

What will you be doing 2 weeks from now? - just the same stuff i do everyday i guess.

What about 2 months from now? - back to studying.

2 years? - studying in Europe. hopefully. amin.

What will you be majoring in? - perhaps civil engineering.

What job are you hoping to get when you get out of college? - a job as an engineer o'course.

What age is a good age to get married at? - 24++

Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? - rome, italy!

How many kids do you want? how many boys? how many girls? - i don't mind. the more, the merrier. XD

Where do you want to live when you're married? - anywhere he wants.

Where will you be spending your next birthday? How old will you be turning? - i don't know yet. i'll turn 19 next year.

When's a good age to retire? What do you want to do once you're retired? - too early to think about that now.

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