Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Too Gorgeous To Handle

My sis has gone to MRSM last Monday. Kinda sad actually. I guess this was how my family members felt when I left this house for STF five years back. LOL. Me and my sister - we usually don't talk much with each other basically because she's an introvert kinda person. So, her absence here doesn't make such a great impact on me. Hehe. It's a good thing right?

Well, wanna share all the wallpapers I made for you-know-who here. ;)

There are not so many of them, just a few, and I know these wallies are not so good an artwork, but I'm satisfied with what I've done. Well, to look at my level of doing this kind of stuff. Heh. Still in the learning process.

My creations (siggies, wallies) since I joined My Dil Resides Here. ;)

Quite simple, but I love it!

If you notice, this is the pic I put up on MySpace ;)

Too Hot To Handle [Drooling over his pics ;p]

A bit messy, I know ;p

Love this one ;)

For KKR in IPL Season 2

Love the Khans! Aryan looks more like Gauri and Suhana looks more like uski papa ;)

My most favourite as of now ;)

Another recent work yesterday, slightly different ;)

There you go ;) They might be simple to you but I put so much love in my work when I did them. Told ya, still learning ;D Got distracted by Shah Rukh, of course ;p

Oh yea, my friend did this for me ;) Love it!! From RNBDJ!!

Thanks Pawan!
I tell ya Shah Rukh, can't wait for this July, can't wait for you to start shooting for 'Happy New Year', because I want to see you live! I absolutely can't stand it anymore. This wild eagerness to meet you in person is driving me nuts and definitely is killing me!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Get what I mean?

I'm thinking of posting every piece of my artwork here. What do ya think?

4 mind(s) swirling:

tikapad said...

i noe you put that pic on ur ms default
hahahha,i hope you'll become his wife
or maid maybe

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

jdk MAID die pon dh kire syukor GILE GILE GILE nyer tw! ;)

farzanaf said...

aku mabuk a page ko
byk gle gmba srk.

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

hahaha. ala siannya ko farz.
neh ok lg, jgn singgah page ms n fs aku.
kang ko kene migraine lak. ;p
ko dh check aku nyer YouTube chnnl?