Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Some Gibberish Talk

Firstly, a bunch of thank you to Mady for her inspiring, motivating words. Deep down inside me, those comforting words somehow live up my spirits. And yeah, your words did bring tears to my eyes.

Just got back from visiting my sis yesterday at MRSM Lenggong, Perak. Ahah Jia, haven't had the opportunity to drop by UTP ;P Didn't sleep the previous nights. Yup, I'm the nocturnal kind. XD. We started our journey at 7 am and got back home at sharp 8 pm. What a tiring day yesterday was.. whew!

Today, there is the Teacher's Day celebration at STF. Hahah. Wished Teacher Bibah, Miss Raha, Pn Bahayah, Teacher Liza, and Pakyem only, just now. Well, I only have their numbers ;P

ATTENTION: Pakyem is now in KL. So, who knows you might bump into him any second. LOL

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