Monday, May 18, 2009

Survey #3 - Random Random

1. What's your favourite wine?
Told ya, I don't drink.

2. What kind of car do you drive?
citroen xsara

3. What was the last song you listened to?
check out tkapad's blog.

4. How much free time do you have each day?
ooo.. you have no idea ;P. but that's about to end this saturday

5. What was the last dream you had?
i really cannot remember. *sigh

6. Are you a student?
about to.

7. What do you do for cash?
anything halal ;P

8. Do you eat fruits and veggies?
i eat some.

9. Do you drive fast and take chances?
only on an empty road XD

10. Do your friends care about you?
you have to ask them ;P

11. Do you ever think your coworkers may be trying to poison you?

12. What is your favourite past time?
my childhood

13. What would you like to learn more about?
possibly anything

14. What is the biggest scam you have come across so far in life?
well, i don't think i've come across any so far.

15. Do you like kids?
bahut!! very much!!

16. Do you sew?

17. Have you ever spray-painted something?
love it!

18. Are you a gamer?

19. Do you have a secret?
yes ;P

20. What is it?
only I know that I have perhaps the largest mole on my right shoulder.

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