Tuesday, May 19, 2009

News To Add To The Collection

Wow! Today I have a good news, and a bad one. For me XD.

Let me tell you the bad one first.


What a day to start with. Only just now, at around 4.30 am, I discovered something about my friend. Oh my God, this is serious. Scary, freaky, whatever you want to call it.

One of my dearest friends named Sana, aged 18, was found to suffer from cancer. She told me she has had this ailment since she was a kid, and that she had been sick from time to time. But yet to recover. After years of suffering, finally the cancer has gone to its final stage. The disease has become worse and now she's in the hospital. Sitting on bed, conversing with me through what is called the notebook, a result of the ongoing advances in technology.

Frankly speaking, it brought tears to my eyes when I first knew of this news. Because she has been one of my most endearing friends, being a bubbly and exuberant girl. I somehow couldn't absorb the devastating news because she's just of my age. She still has a long journey to go, a new, long journey to embark on. She has yet a lot to discover in life.

Oh yes, this girl is just the same as me. She is also an ardent fan of you-know-who like me ;P Yup, we get along very very well. LOL. Her wishes before she dies, are to be able to perform hajj, and to meet the king of our hearts, Shah Rukh Khan. I told her, you're not going to die, so stop talking rubbish. She replied, "Doctors have predicted that I haven't had much time left."
At that point, my tears fell to the ground.

Initially, she refused to undergo any surgery or operation. Actually, keeping the decision in abeyance. After a tough brainstorming session, and considering all the advices from family members and colleagues, she finally opted for the operation. And now, she told me that the operation is going to be done in Delhi, India next week.

It's kinda weird, because she still has the guts to joke around even with the pain. Yea, she can bear the pain. No big deal, she said. She's actually excited she's going to be operated in Delhi, India because that's the birthplace of you-know-who XD. And she said if the operation succeed, she's going to be reborn there. The hometown of you-know-who. I wish I could be by her side but I couldn't.

Then, I told her, InsyaAllah your surgery will be a success. And surely you will be staying there until you completely heal. Then, the moment you feel your energy is fully back, go and search for you-know-who. Delhi and Mumbai is not that far XD. Oh yea, I asked her to convey my messages for you-know-who too ;P. Never forgo the chance you have in front of you, right?

I just hope she'll be okay and things will turn back to normal. I will pray for you, dear. Always. From afar. I know you're a tough girl. I've given you my advice so I won't post it here.

Some quotes I find suit your condition now, Sana, from our beloved Badshah ;P ~

Walk along with hope in your heart, and you will never walk alone.

Keep faith.

If there is no sadness, then you will never understand the true meaning of happiness.

It's better trying then losing, rather than losing without trying.

KORBO! LORBO! JEETBO! (To do! To fight! To win!) Dear, I hope you'll win this battle against the greatest opponent there is, DEATH. I can feel the first rays of sun beginning to break through. A new day is set to begin. Sana, I know the pain still lingers thick in your mind, but we'll face it head on with a smile and a prayer. (recognise this? ;P)


Okay, time for the good news!

KKR finally won another match!!!!!!! Woohoo! Hooray for KKR!!! I couldn't describe how happy I am right now! How jubilant Shah Rukh is!! How excited KKR fans are!

Yes, KKR! You finally shone! You've finally shown your fangs again! It's time to fight back! You'll show them that KKR will roar even louder for the next season! To redeem ourselves! KKR will win IPL 3!

For those who don't know and haven't been following my blog since the beginning of April, KKR is a cricket team owned by you-know-who and I'm proud to proclaim that cricket is now my newly-found passion!

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tikapad said...

you'll never walk alone?
seems like liverpool theme

mAdie said...

haha...dorine poyo

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

ye ke? yg aq tw de ckp centu. huhu

eleh Madie,
penye poyo. ko r poyo. ske ati aq r nk ske cricket. ahah
yg psl cancer tu serious r.

farzanaf said...

xphm aku.