Saturday, May 09, 2009

3Ws - What Went Wrong?

Posted on 9th May 2009.

Read the title? Yup. What went wrong? I keep asking myself what went wrong since yesterday.

What went wrong?

Was it my results? If it was, then I would've never been called to attend the interviews. Esp the PETRONAS interview.

Was it my interview performance? I don't think so. Because to me, I'd given my very best shot in each. Well, less in JPA ;p

Or was it my bad luck? Yea, I guess that must be it.

You guys must have had the idea by now of what I'm babbling here. Just jump straight to the conclusions and you're right. I didn't manage to secure any scholarships. Neither JPA nor PETRONAS. What a bad luck. Needless to say, my heart is mixed with feelings of humiliation, anger, sadness, depression, etc etc.

I hate to say this, but now I've been starting to think that God has somehow been unfair to me. I'm really sorry to think like this. Ya Allah, I seek for your forgiveness.


Posted on 15th May 2009.

Okay, after somewhat a few disastrous days for me lately, I'm back to normal. I've calmed down.

Like I said in my previous post, I've done a lot of thinking about my future. About all the events that took place in my life recently. And I just have one thing to say; everything happens for a reason.

I'm so sorry to think that God has been unfair to me. There are people out there who are less fortunate than me and I know I have to be grateful and thankful no matter what for what I have now, for what I've achieved at this stage of life. And I truly am.

Well, I guess I just have to relax and enjoy my life at the moment. 23rd of May will be the day I'll be leaving for UiTM Shah Alam to read Chemical Engineering. Initially, I thought it was kinda okay to get Chem Engin (quite shocked actually because I got B3 in SPM for Chemistry ;p), but then my parents told me that this field doesn't provide a large prospect and there is little demand in the market. I'm thinking of changing to Civil Engineering. It would be better for me.


The one thing I mentioned earlier is about luck. Yes, I am very eager to study overseas. Well, everybody does. But my dreams shattered to pieces when I failed to secure any scholarships. 8th May 2009 was indeed one of the saddest day in my life. The day I was expecting to make me jumped wild turned out to be one of the most devastating days of my life. Now I realise that luck somehow plays an important part in your life. Like Sushmita Sen once quoted, everyone has performed their very best, but we need that luck to win.

I know some of you would be like, "Why are you taking it so seriously? It's not the end of your life."

My answer, "Personal reasons. Only I know." So, shut your mouth because you know nothing about me. No offense anyways ;p

Nevertheless, I've overcome this feeling. From now on, I would think only the good things. I know God has written my life story and has my fate in His hands. I know He will show me the right path to take. He decides my fate and fortune. So, I shall just leave it to Him.

Suddenly, I remember a quote from my heartthrob cum idol cum inspiration, none other than SRK ;p, which I feel suits my situation right now.

The strength lies in sticking to a path you chose to begin with. As the journey progresses, whether that path turns out to be tough or easy, you have to follow it because therein lies your beliefs and principles.

I truly definitely absolutely agree with you, dear.

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farzanaf said...

lek la.
aku un xdpt pape.
sbb xapply pn.
everythng msti ade hikmah.

trust dat la dear :DD

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

Hahah ko x apply x pe la gak. x merase sgt kepedihan jiwa neh. hahah.

lek lek.
aq da ok kot.
yup. everything mesti ade hikmah.