Friday, April 24, 2009

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Do you own Chanel perfume?
perhaps someday. not working yet.

Do you shower daily?
what question is this? of course!

Do you go to the tanning bed?

Do you wear nail polish?
even if i want to, i can't. SINFUL.

Do you use MAC make-up?
nope. for girls of my age, we use at least Silky Girl. told ya, not working yet

Do you straighten your hair everyday?
what for? i love my hair the way it is.


Name all your best friends:
too many to list

Is the term Best friends a label or promise?
i'll need to rethink

Do you have more than 1 TRUE best friend?
hmm, (cracking my head)

Do you hang out with your friends every day?
if so, then i'll go broke faster

What is the longest you have been in a fight with your bff?
err, let's see. nearly 3 months i guess.

Is it easier to talk to your girl friends or guy friends?

depends to who they are

Would you ever date one of your close guy friends?
kyon nahi?


Do you have style and originality?
i believe i do.

Do you own a designer handbag?

Do you own something from Lacoste?

Do or did you wear leggings?
never in my life

Is the color you'll never wear yellow?
well, if it's a striking yellow, yes.

Do you get fashion tips from magazines?

Do you shop at Abercrombie and Hollister?
no i don't.


Are you a movie freak?
yup. but let me specify. i'm a Bollywood movie freak.

Have you see over 10 movies in the past month?
10 Bollywood movies, yeah.

Do you have a show that you must watch?

of course. Koffee With Karan. there are plenty actually, to be honest

Do you watch The Hills on MTV?
i never tune to MTV.

Have you ever seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy?
never ever

Do you like classic movies?
some of them. but it must be Bollywood classic movies.

Do you watch 30 or more hours of tv a week?
sad to say, no. i'm busy with my laptop.

Do you own over 100 dvds?
haven't reached that number yet. but sooner i will.

Is Law And Order awesome?
don't have any idea.


Do you watch baseball on tv?
no i don't. i watch cricket and badminton.

Who's your favorite baseball player?

Do you play basketball?
i don't have the height.

Do you watch it on tv?
refer to the first question.

Do you swim?

Last time you were in a pool?

April 5, 2009

Are you good at volleyball?
absolutely not.

Is soccer cool?

Do you like to run?
that's the thing i hate the most.

Are you in shape?
no bragging, but people say i am.. ;)


Do you like all types of music?
if you say ALL, then it's definitely a NO.

What about rap?
it's cool.

Have you been to more than 5 concerts?
not yet.

Do you like Panic at the Disco?
the answer is no.

Are you constantly downloading music?
yeah! music is my life. my heart rhymes with it.

Favorite local band?
none qualifies.

What is the current song on your myspace page?


Do you have more than 1 sibling?

Are you closer to your mom or dad?
mere baap

Do you like your living arrangements?
some of them. but i think i am old enough to make my own decision.

Do you wish you could move out?
as soon as possible! i wanna live on my own!

Do your grandparents spoil you?

Do you have any step parents or siblings?

How many cousins do you have?
too many to count.

Which of your relatives lives the farthest away, and where?

Aunty Mariani with her daughters and son. Uncle Halim prefers to stay in Malaysia though. but sometimes he'll visit his children and wife. oh yeah, in Manchester, UK

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