Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rabiatul Adawiyah

I'm so tired. Just got back from 'kampung'. We had a 'majlis cukur jambul' (don't know what this is in English) of my cousin, 7-months old. Damn tired, yaar.

Last night, there was supposed to be yet another game, the 4th, for KKR against CSK. Unfortunately, it didn't stop raining. Cape Town had been raining for the whole day long. I waited and waited and waited. Perhaps the sun would come out anytime. Praying it would, but it didn't. A guy who chatted with me said that the match had been called off and the players were packing to go back to the hotel. Yea, he was there at Cape Town. Went straight to the Sahara Park Stadium from the office, bringing his laptop, just to watch this match. A couple of times, I saw on the live stream, those workers kept bringing and removing and bringing back the covers.

And this was the second match to be abandoned. Poor Shah Rukh. I couldn't imagine what he must be feeling at the moment. I felt like going to the stadium and hugging him and I wanted to tell him that God had written our fate. So, we could do nothing about it. But each team got 3 points. Yes, I know he's a tough guy and I admire him for that. I've been sending lots and lots of emails and messages to show my support for him and KKR. Well, that's the least that I could do since I'm not able to fly to South Africa. I'll keep praying for Shah Rukh and KKR from afar. May God bless KKR and reward them with victory for their perseverance in facing all obstacles. The next match is tomorrow, against Mumbai Indians (MI).

As usual, I went to bed late last night. Well, about 3 am. I consider that late as I was to go back to 'kampung' this morning at 7 am.

Since AZ put up her niece's picture in her blog, I've decided to put up Rabiatul Adawiyah's here.

Isn't she cute? ;)

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nuryna said...

cute sgttt!!

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

de mmg cute gler.
ni umo 4 bulan
aritu, 7 bulan dh.
grm gler.
dh r puteh melepak,
rmbt perang lak tuh