Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Losing Hurts

I am supposed to be in grief. But after being deeply depressed for a whole day, I managed to cheer myself up. The reason for my grief is because KKR lost last night in the match against DC. And Dada, the man everybody was hoping for to bring victory for KKR, had let his fans down. For those who don't know, KKR is Kolkata Knight Riders and DC is Deccan Chargers. What I've been talking is about cricket sport, and the cricket league which is the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the second season has only started last Saturday.

Now, KKR is a cricket team owned by my heartthrob, Shah Rukh Khan. Yesterday was supposed to be a big start for KKR as it was their first match, but everything seemed to go wrong. Because of the whole captaincy issue the media has been madly reporting, I guess that is one of the causes everybody in the team performed poorly (except for certain).

Just imagine, KKR, a team which every fan expect them to get 100 runs in 12 overs, got the final 101 runs in 19.4 overs and DC got 104 runs in just 12.4 overs! And DC beat KKR by 8 wickets! I know KKR can do better than this. Sometimes I feel like they are distracted by the multi-captain theory. Well...

Perhaps it's true.

Perhaps it was just, like a gimmick, so that other teams are at their most comfy notch. And KKR will get them back, and win IPL 2. Hopefully.

But truthfully, I felt so sad when they showed Shah Rukh. I could tell from his face that he was really sad and worried throughout the whole match. Plus, he wasn't there during the presentation like last year. Last year, eventhough they lost, he still showed up but not this year. This really showed he's truly heartbroken. When he gave an interview post the match, I could see that he tried to put up a brave face. Thank God, he brought his family too with him to Cape Town so I'm not too worried for him because Gauri is there to comfort him. ;)

KKR was ranked at the 6th position out of 8 teams after the first game. Sad to say this, but frankly speaking, they should be at the last place if accordance to their performance yesterday. But they got the 6th. So, that must mean something. That means, God wants to give them a chance to amend their mistakes and improve. I hope, with this quite-good-news, they will gain back their confidence and focus on the next matches.

Yes, losing does hurt. A lot. I'm just hoping and I pray to God that KKR will do better for the next matches. They better do. They must! Because I don't think I have the guts to look at Shah Rukh's sad face anymore.

Go KKR! Win IPL 2!

p/s: Apart from badminton, yes, cricket is now my new passion. Cricket is probably one
of the most difficult games to understand. But once you understand it, you'll get addicted
to it. Just like me!

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