Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Pain

This was supposed to be posted on the 23rd April 2009, but I didn't have the guts then till now. I have posted 'Losing Hurts' few days ago. Now, the pain keeps growing. Because in the 3rd match of the IPL 2, my most favourite team, lost. This time to Rajasthan Royals, owned by Shilpa Shetty.

Neither am I heartbroken, nor sad. Well, at least not too much, because KKR played very well that day. But it hurts me when I saw Shah Rukh's face at the last few overs, he was reciting prayers. I could see that he was very worried and tense. Perhaps the lady luck was not on their side, that was why they lost.

Before the match started, they did the toss and KKR won. So, they chose to bat second. RR scored 150 runs and KKR managed to reach that number. Then, they had the 'Super Over'. This time, I guess because of the poor management of not-gonna-mention-his-name, KKR lost by 3 runs. But I must praise them because they finally gained back their spirits and worked together. The unity was there, I could see it.

A few times they showed Shah Rukh and his children, Aryan and Suhana. I really like Suhana. She's so adorable and cute! Jaise iska maa aur baap. Needless to say, Shah Rukh was damn HOT! I just couldn't take my eyes off him! He was, is, and always HOT!

This afternoon, as usual I went to 'My Dil Resides Here'. And I found out Shah Rukh had written his first post in the KKR website! Thrilled, I checked out the website.

Oh God, this man is just so marvellous! He's not only marvellous, but he's beyond that! His writing is just like his acting, so wonderful! He has written it so beautifully I couldn't help it but keep reading his post again and again and again. Yes, I had tears in my eyes. Because he managed to express his feelings very well I feel like he's actually talking to me. That's why he's called KING KHAN. Koi shaq? Nahin. Bilkul nahin. I have no doubt about that.

Man, I respect him even more after reading it. His writing shows his comprehension of the problems in his life, from his prespective. I am deeply touched. I seriously couldn't bear if I am to see his sad face again in the 4th match, which will be held tonight, 10.30 pm against Chennai Super Kings (CSK). I thank Shah Rukh for letting us, his fans share some of his thoughts and burden. As much as he wish to take all the disappointments for every loss they face onto himself, it is as much as I wish to take his onto myself.

Well, I will keep praying to Allah that KKR will win this year's IPL 2 trophy. Yeh hai mera wadaa.

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