Thursday, April 23, 2009

Victory Finally!

21 April 09

KKR won! They played against Kings XI Punjab, a team owned by Preity Zinta at 4.30 pm (IST). That meant 7 pm here in Malaysia. Yay to Shah Rukh!! But somehow I pity Preity, she looked sad because it was the second defeat for them. Nevertheless, I am really really happy finally I found a smile on Shah Rukh's cute face. ;) Oh yeah, KXI got the toss and they asked to bat first, which meant KKR did the batting after them.

And half-way through the game , the weather changed. It started raining. Oh man! But still, if it didn't rain, KKR would still have stood a chance to win. But because of the delay, they (the IPL management people) decided to apply the Duckworth-Lewis method. To know more about this method, click here.

You can tell that Shah Rukh was very very happy his team won, even his son Aryan was there, and cute lil' Suhana. But I didn't see Gauri elsewhere. Shah Rukh throwed a party post match. Many people asked, "Why did you throw a party when you'd win just one game?" Shah Rukh promptly replied, "We're celebrating the goodness, the unity that we have finally gained back. After all the problems aroused because of the multiple-captain theory." Bla bla bla. I couldn't recall what else he said.

The next match is today, 8 pm (IST), which means 10.30 pm Malaysian time. Can't wait!! I hope the KKR boys will give their utmost to win this match and the next and the next and the next and finally the trophy of IPL 2 will be OURS!!

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tikapad said...

aiseh,x de cte laen keh?

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

kak oi, blog ni dh tjknye pon a journey of life, dh kire cm diari. so aku ltk je la pape aku nk.