Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Want More of TVB!

Finally, i'm in the mood to post. How have y'all been doing? Well, why do i feel like this semester break is too short?? -.- Seriously i feel so. Too many things in mind yet too lil time. The world is definitely getting nearer to dooms day. -.-" Oh, lemme tell you what i've been doing these past few weeks to kill the time. I planned to apply for a part-time job initially, so that i have side income for my other priorities besides studies and myself. But i'm running outta time and now i have only 5 days and a half left to spend at home. So, i've been watching these Hong Kong dramas, or better known as TVB dramas i used to watch as a child. :D

"Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk"
*But i only managed to watch it till Episode 3 part 1 because the owner of the video hasn't subbed the rest of the episodes yet T.T Searched for the VCD at the stores but the one i found is of Jet Li's version!! Heartbreaking T.T*

"A Pillow Case of Mystery"
*I love love LOVE this drama!! Well, mysteries have always caught my attention! Plus, there's Bobby Au Yeung, the guy at the top right corner ;D*

"Journey To the West"
*Oh, i watched this drama last year. Finally managed to watch the whole drama with full episodes english subbed. :D And yep, it's my MOST favourite TVB drama evah! The movie that introduced me to the Cantonese world ♥♥♥ Haven't watched the sequel yet though*

"A Pillow Case of Mystery II"
*And this is what i'm watching at the moment. The sequel to "A Pillow Case of Mystery"*

Man, watching them back really brings back good memories. I remember i would cry out loud in front of the telly, stomping my feet every time the ending credits showed up because i just couldn't wait for the next episode, too anxious to know what would happen next. :P Then, every day, 5 minutes before the drama started, i would quickly rush to the kitchen and prepare my dinner so that i could eat in front of the telly while watching the series. Hehehe what a loyal TVB fan i was. And still am. ;))

But what disappoints me is that, there are no more TVB dramas playing on the telly like there used to be during my childhood. Except boring ones on TV2 and 8TV and NTV7. One thing, i don't prefer Hong Kong series to be dubbed in Mandarin. Not even Korean ones -.- I can only recall a few TVB dramas i used to watch so those that i've watched and am currently watching and will watch are the said ones. Oh, including Dragon Love i think. -.-

"A Recipe for the Heart"
*OMG, I seriously looooooove this one!!! Bobby Au Yeung again!! Been searching for it with english subs high and low but to no avail :'((( I'm willing to trade anything, people! Hear that?! *

"Witness to A Prosecution"
*And this is another drama i really love. In short words, most of Bobby's dramas are my favourites. And this has a sequel too ;D*

So, all in all i just wanna say i am a huge huge HUGE fan of TVB dramas. If only i can subscribe to those Astro Chinese channels....and definitely am a huuuuuuge fan of Dicky Cheung!! xD I fell in love with him once i saw him in "Journey to the West". Later on in "Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk" and "Kung Fu Master Wong Fei Hung". :D He really reminds me of Goku from Dragon Ball the cartoon series. ;D The undefeated kung fu master. ♥ Plus, he's cute. Hahaha

Dicky Cheung

So, till later!

p/s: gosh. english ku sudah makin taik. T.T

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