Monday, December 13, 2010

Breaking Dawn

That day, i think it was last week, or was it last two weeks? -.- My laptop had been sent to the experts because of the screen problem. And a week later I got it back. Which cost my dad RM600. -.-" And just yesterday, my dad bought me a GPS navigation system!! Weehooo!! I finally managed to talk my parents into buying one for me. :D Hehe thanks mak ayah! And errr it costs RM450. So, to sum it all up, RM600 + RM450 + RM50 (the last book of the Twilight series) = RM1100. Wow. What a huge sum of money. Just for my sake. -.-" Sorry mak ayah. Now I feel guilty. I promise I will use and take care of my belongings as best as I can, from now on. :)

Oh, I won a pair of tickets people! For what? Lemme not disclose it. :P But it's been a long time since I enjoyed the feeling of winning stuffs. Hehe. One of the best feelings in the world indeed. Especially when your eyes read the 'CONGRATULATIONS' words in the email sent to you. :D Somehow it boosts your self-confidence. :) Anyway, now imma target those complimentary tickets to Zee Cine Awards 2011 in Singapore next year. Well, I hope Malaysians can enter the contests too and I hope I'll win. :) Been making plans with my Singaporean friends to go hunt our love down when he goes there for the award function. Heheh. I bet it will be super fun! ^.^ Plus, he will perform on that night so tell me who in their logic mind will want to miss this??! :O *shakes head*

Alright, since I'm not intending to stop posting yet, I'll continue writing about the trending hashtags on Twitter. My mind doesn't want to work at the moment so I'll just post what other twitteratis around the world tweeted regarding this hashtag. ;) This ought to give you some idea on how hashtags function on Twitter. Interesting and funny at the same time. ;D


- Baby you must be fire! Cause you making me sweat!
I have a monkey and he would enjoy it very much if he could swim through your swamp.
- My name's _______, but you can call me Tonight
Do you know what would look good on you? Me.
- I just checked my schedule and I can have you pregnant by Christmas.
Girl i know u tired cuz u been runnin thru my mind allllllllllll nite
- aye I'm bout to log off can I txt you instead?
If you catch me staring at your chest, its because your shirt is shiny....... And I like your tits

And oh, alhamdulillah, me and my family will perform umrah and will leave Malaysia this Saturday at 10 am, joined by my cousins. :) Hopefully nothing will go wrong. Pray for us. x)

p/s: A bunch of my friends on Twitter are having a debate or some kind of a forum about ego and love, as I write this. :P And it's interesting to read their views. Who says Twitter is a waste of time? You get to be updated all the time about all issues in the world, and my timeline never freezes! ;D

Signing off,

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gaurifairy said...

Hi sweety. Always is great to read ur blog. So you call your dad 'mak ayah' in malaysian language? ;) Sounds nice to me :).
Anyways adding once more, do keep me in ur prayers. Glad u r making it to the Umraah. Will miss you. *hugs

♥darina♫ said...

Awww thanks sweetieee. ;)) Yep, i call my parents mak ayah in malay :P
oh i always pray for u my dear, for my friends. :)
I guess u need to read my newest post. :'(

And never thought u do read my blog! Thanks buddy! ;D