Thursday, December 02, 2010

Survey #29 - Celebrity Survey

I only list the Bollywood celeb names except for some questions. ;))


you admire:
everyone knows. it's SHAH RUKH KHAN definitely ♥♥♥♥♥

you think would be a great friend:
- lara dutta, kajol, preity zinta :D

you would have fun playing poker with:
- no idea -.-

your opinion has changed of them over time:
- aishwarya rai -.-

you would love to slap:
- farah khan

died too young:
- Tan Sri P Ramlee :))

make 60+ look fabulous:
- amitabh bachchan :D

you wish you could sing like:
- shreya goshal

you would love to sing a duet with:
- sonu niigam

you would love to have their movie roles:
- every actress that has acted opposite you-know-who :P

you could have for one night:
- this doesn't sound right ^.^"

you think would make a great partner/spouse:
- excluding all those married men, it would be Karan Johar ;D

your significant other would want for one night:
- i don't have any significant other as yet :P

had a crush on when a kid:
- i can't believe i did have some crush for akshay kumar back then -.-

had a crush on as a teenager:
- that's SRK for sure ;DDD

people are surprised you have a crush on:
- dicky cheung :P cos i'm known for bollywood eheh

people are surprised you don't have a crush on:
- brad pitt

reminds you of your mom:
- none

reminds you of your dad:
- none

you think your child/children will look like when they grow up:
- haha how the heck would i know when i don't have a single clue on how my future spouse looks like? xP

been told you look like:
- don't laugh. -.-" but those days when i still hadn't worn the scarf, and my special tooth hadn't grown yet, someone told me i looked like maya karin ;D

were born and/or raised in your state:
- i don't know and i don't wanna know

you have met or seen in person:
- there's just so many of them. BUT. the one that got me ultimately excited was SHAH RUKH KHAN. x)) and these are a few other local celebs:

--> ahmad idham (handsome wooo ;P), datuk yusof haslam & wife, jins shamsuddin & wife, aziz satar & wife, ainul aishah, dina, bob af, cat farish and the gang, harun salim bachik, yusry kru, rosyam nor and some others i can't recall

born on your birthday:
- bhoomika chawla, hayden panettiere, and SuJu's KIBUM! ^.^

doesn't get enough credit for their talents:
- my mind is too clogged to be thinking about them right now -.- hah

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