Friday, October 08, 2010


Yesterday was Oct 7th, 2010. Yesterday was Thursday. Yesterday was the day for Civil Engineering part 1 students to attend HBU 111 class. And yesterday was the last day of our torture in KESATRIA NEGARA!! xD Whew. I still remember how i felt when i chose HBU 111 as my co-curriculum subject this semester. Didn't like the idea at all. Didn't actually expect i would survive the 13 weeks of torment. And i did! Weehoo! ;D And the best part is, i got full marks for it! 70/70 bebeh! Haha ;P

And oh, i spent 4 hours today with my other classmates at Sunway Pyramid having KFC Jom Jimat Set A for lunch, watching Sammy's Adventure: The Secret Passage (rating: 3-3.5/5 :) ) and roaming around and entering shops and boutiques with a brain-heart war. "Should i buy this or postpone the idea?" -.- Tough choice. And the minute my eyes set on the almost-empty ice rink, i got really tempted to iceskate!! -.-" Man, i really wanna iceskate! Aaahhhh wait till final exams are over i'll show you! *evil grin*

footnote: C++ class tomorrow noon.

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