Thursday, October 21, 2010

Short and Simple

Just a short visit. Hehe. I really wanted to post something new so here i am. :) Oh, exactly a week away before my first final exam paper, TITAS. And this subject which i deem is similar to History, requires a looooooooot of reading -.- How i hate dislike that. :( FB is no longer alive since everyyyyybody seems like deactivating their account, due to finals. Ooohhh, i can feel the blazing heat! -.-"And right before my eyes is my room mate, Syaf who seems to be concentrating so damn hard with her straight face, reading, memorizing her notes. Wait. No. Her book. Yeah. o.O Aku salute kau lah syaf dapat resist the temptation to get online! xP But i'm almost 100% sure you will lose. Later. Haha. Cos no one ever survives in the long run. xP

p/s: What's for sure is, if Dila is around, she would be hitting me with anything within reach just to get me to open my books. Hehe. Oh. Please. I want to get rid of these feelings. -.- Anyways, thanks to all directly or indirectly for helping me to digest the fact that i got only one effing week to study ALL subjects!! ^^ All the best i wish to everyone. :)

Signing off,

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shazrinkeshaz said...

halo2.. lame dah x melawat2 ke blog tuan.. sy sgt sibuk.. dan skrg bru sempat melawat anda!

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♥darina♫ said...

hahaha takpe takpe at least melawat jugak en? ;P beta pun tgh sibuk ni nnt beta dh abes final beta merayaurayau la eh. ;D