Monday, October 04, 2010

Muhammad Hazique

This always happens. Whenever i'm about to post a new entry, my brain goes blank. Hah. O wait, now i remember :D

First of all, good luck and all the best to my bro who will be sitting for PMR examination starting tomorrow! Muhammad Hazique, the one who used to pick fights with me. Real fights i mean. Yes. We used to kick each other hard, on any parts of the body till sometimes they would swell, or leave marks. We used to throw anything within reach to each other. We used to mouth vulgar words towards each other. We used to be violent kids. Yea. We USED to. But not anymore. We did all that but not to the extent of punching each other on the face. Lol :P And i thank Allah from the bottom of my heart for that. No one knows how much i hurt inside to be having a feud with my own flesh and blood. We barely talked to each other. We didn't even walk pass each other. Not even a look in the eyes. Can imagine how cold and dull our relation was? Until one day i sent a message expressing my hurt feelings and thoughts, how he didn't treat me like a big sister, how he didn't respect me at all. I know i wasn't a good example to my siblings, but i'm on my way on being one now. :) Well, have always been. Haha. And the next day he started to talk to me, even though it did kinda feel awkward at first.

I don't sit with my siblings either, like they do with each other. Since i've been staying away from home for more than six years now. My real home is now like my second home. Only those with experiences of living in hostel know how i feel. Isolated within your own circle of family. Gosh. Only Allah knows how many times i cried thinking that no one loved me. No one cared about me. Aside from my friends. (i hope you guys do care about me! xP) That's how sad i was. Well, at least i no longer feel that way. :) Things have changed to the way it should be. :D Haha my parents would always nag at us siblings for quarreling over petty, trivial stuffs. But i'm thankful that we're bonding now.

footnote: This post wasn't meant to be a sappy one. Haha but i got carried away. xP I never thought i would say this, but i do love you, bro. :)

Signing off,

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Anonymous said...

i love you ~atirah

♥darina♫ said...

awww thanx tirah... :')

love u too! x))