Sunday, October 17, 2010

Awesome Week

Resurfacing after a week of absence. :P Yea. Last week was quite a busy one. My first time being involved in programs under university level. Hohoho. Oh, last Friday i became the master of ceremony for the FCE Dean's Award Night 2010. Thank God everything went well despite some glitches here and there. The most important thing is i did okay even though there was a mistake in the beginning of the function. :P Well, unnoticeable okay. I hope so. Hehe. So here's a pic of me as the MC that night. Grabbed from fifi aka hamster's FB. :)

Me and Aiman Rosli aka Komtaq, my classmate. I know the pic's quite dark. That's why i chose this one. Haha xP And yesterday, us four; me, deqla, una and mira went to Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya in the noon. Whoa. You've got to go there. :D Cool place with beautiful scenery. Esp the four seasons house! ;D *Pic grabbed from Una's FB :)*

Whoa! 12.6 degree Celcius! I should've brought along a jacket or sweater. Hahaha. Well, at least i have an idea of how it feels like when it's autumn in the European countries and other places. :) We're planning to go there again when it's winter this December! ;D

Oh, my first final exam is just 10 days away. I've promised myself, and especially both my parents, that i'll do my very best to achieve the best for this sem. :) But i do have the jitters in me, and am feeling apprehensive somehow. -.-" So this is my final exam timetable.

Thursday (28/10/2010) - TiTAs (CTU551) - 9am-11am
Monday (1/11/2010) - Engineering Computing (CSC425) - 9am-12pm
Wednesday (3/11/2010) - Calculus for Engineers (MAT435) - 9am-12pm
Saturday (6/11/2010) - Engineering Geology (ECG403) - 9am-12pm
Tuesday (9/11/2010) - Statics and Dynamics (ECS408) - 2.15pm-5.15pm

p/s : Will write about my classmates and roommates later.. ;)

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