Sunday, September 06, 2009

New Craze

As you read the title, you may want to figure out what I am talking about right now.. ;D Last week, my friend introduced me to this Korean drama 'My Girl' (I know, I'm way way WAY too behind for this xP). Suddenly, I felt like an instant liking towards it. I don't know why but it somehow got me glued to the laptop till the last episode. Hmm... nope. This is not the new me. You might have the idea that I've left the world of Bollywood but let me make it a point here, I will NEVER leave Bollywood, let alone you-know-who. Well, at least that's what I thought..=D

And now.. I'm all crazy for this Taiwanese drama - La Robe De Mariee Des Cieux / Heaven's Wedding Gown. XD I remember watching this drama in school back then, yep. At the canteen, with Hafiz and Hajar, every weekends at 4 pm sharp. In 2007 if I'm not mistaken. LOL. One of the factors why I love this drama is because of the soothing music. The songs especially the instrumental one and 'Ai de Tien Guo' by Cyndi Wang. I must admit that I cry everytime I listen to the songs. And now, I'm downloading the drama like nuts!

Poster #1

Poster #2

I love Leon Jay Williams! Though his acting skills are not that good, but he's forgiven. Because he has good looks and he's such a sweet guy in this drama! XD All in all, you can be sure that I'm one of his fans now! But not a die-hard fan, of course. xP (ATTENTION: Leon is NOT a drag queen. If anyone of you thought he's one based on the poster.)

Oh yea, last Friday was a nice treat for me. It was a last-minute plan. I didn't even got the chance to inform other STFians in UiTM. Actually, Dila had asked me tonnes of times to break fast or have dinner together before this but unfortunately I didn't have the time. But last Friday we made it. ;D.. Tqasha who actually at first refused to go because her friend needed her company immediately changed her mind when she met us at Section 2. ;D We had a great time, of course and I found out Dila bought a new cellphone, Sony Ericsson. Nice one, because it's my favourite colour, gold. =D We chatted and chatted and chatted jovially and then she brought us to her apartment. Yeah, forgot to mention. Her housemates were there too but we had our meals at separate tables. I brought my roommate, Atirah along. Thank God I didn't sense any awkwardness in the air. xP If it wasn't because of the computing test I was going to have the next day, I would've slept at her apartment. Geez. Maybe next time. Haha. It was great knowing new friends, Dila's housemates, except for one person. Haha. Only Dila and I know who she is. Welcome to my circle of friends; Fatin, Rara, Iman, Diane and Mira! XD Looking forward to meeting you gals again next time! ;D

Before I leave, I just wanna say that every now and then I am inspired by my friends who made it to do their degrees abroad. And believe me, I'll join you guys when the right time comes. =) And when I say the right time, insyaAllah it will be in the near future. Please pray for me. And have full faith in me. As I really need all the support from you guys.

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