Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Spill Of The Heart

LATEST NEWS: Valourians are organising a reunion party (not a party actually.. more to breaking fast together ;D) this Friday at the Mid. I thought Syella wasn't serious about it. Yep, this is organised by Syella, as far as I know. Heh. I might be joining. Well, yep. Min texted me asking me to join. She'll be there too. So, there you go. I'm IN. Period.

My life is kinda pathetic at the moment. Just finished my Intro to Engin test just now. I would like to perceive today as one of the bad, miserable days I've had in my life. This morning I've just received my Maths test results. Last week, I got back my Chem test results. Urghh!!! Inside me, I feel really terrible no one knows how terrible it is except me and God. I just need Pakyem right now so that he can discipline me like he used to discipline his students in the class back then. Haizz... I guess it's the same thing that always happen to me whenever I sit for an exam or test. I really screwed up my performance in most of the subjects for this second test. There's no turning back. I need to look straight ahead. I don't wanna flunk in any of my subjects!! (If only I could add emoticons here as to show how stressful I am right now.)

What's worse? I thought I had bring along my calculator for the Intro to Engin test I've just had just now but it turned out that I left it on my bed. What the heck! I've just realised that I only took out the calculator from my bag BUT I put it on the bed first and as I was in a rush, I accidentally, not being oblivious enough left it on my bed! To make things worse, the second I was about to enter the exam hall, I lost my pencil..! My precious pencil. I couldn't find it till now. Haiz.. Thank God the questions weren't those that really required me to crack my head.

Now, one more test to go. The third Chemistry test, this Friday morning. Convey all your best wishes to me okay. If I didn't score for this also, I need to get something done with my brain. Seriously. Tighten some screws or whatever necessary.

Reports to be sent by the end of this week.

Final exam coming up as soon as the university reopens a week after Hari Raya celebration.


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Anonymous said...

i'm dropping by to tell you i'm going to take a shit on this friday night. how could you guys...
i felt terrible of not going.
siap ah korang.
next time reunion, aku bawa skali bf aku yg HOT gilaaaaa sampai korang suma jeles and kata "better az takyah datang" haha

a said...

hey dorinn!
lame x update blog,heh

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

@ tkapad
ne de lame x update blog. ko tu yg dh lame x bace blog aq. xP

@ AZ
ala AZ...i've tried my best. dorg kate ssh psl sume dh bole this fri. xpela, ko join next time k? ;D