Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Love...

I Love...

>> myself
>> my family
>> my cousins ;P
>> my cuddly Garfield ;D
>> my watch
>> my Samsung cellphone
>> my MP4 player
>> my Compaq laptop
>> my Malaysia ;)
>> the colours red, black and gold
>> teasing my youngest brother
>> Maths and Additional Maths
>> Bollywood (everything about it ;P)
>> Shah Rukh Khan (the most imperative part XD)
>> indulging myself into English novels
>> learning something new
>> learning foreign languages (currently learning Hindi/Urdu)
>> winning
>> the then me, not the present me
>> the only biography of you-know-who that I have, as of now
>> networking and getting to know people from across the globe
>> to approach any tourists that I meet wherever I am
>> to drive ;D
>> being enthusiastic about something that I am really determined of
>> spending my time with my cousins
>> hanging around on facebook xP
>> reminiscing old times with friends and families
>> when I have anything in common with you-know-who XD
>> the years 2006 and 2008
>> taking surveys and quizzes and posting them on my blog
>> being in London once upon a time
>> being a spendthrift
>> staying up late
>> what other people hate (well, seldom)
>> blogging when I feel like my head is going to scream my enthusiasm or explode out of my stress
>> reading dictionaries (weird, huh?)
>> being at my cousins'
>> living in Malaysia out of all places in the world
>> the number 21
>> being in school rather than a university
>> having the thought that I might be flying to the UK to further my studies there and to do Engineering degree some day soon (InsyaAllah)
>> being a lady ;)

This list will go on and on and on and on...but something's for sure. I will keep updating this post whenever something new pops into my mind. ;) Ohh! I don't have the mood for anything right now!! =,O

Signing off,

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