Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lame, Lame, Lame

So last Friday was my birthday. Yep. Celebrated it with my ex-schoolmates. It was a great fun. Well, not really. Time was so short I had to get back to uni before 4. And I only met them for roughly 2 hours! Haiz..Somehow I felt great and nice..for many of my friends here wished me. Heeee....=D Thanks, guys and gals.

*This is a supposed-to-be-posted-long-time-ago-after-21st-August entry. Because 21st August was my birthday. Heee...*

Suddenly, the internet is freaking fast. I don't have any single idea in me why it became so. I was damn pissed last night because I had work to do and the internet had gone crazy. Thought of taking a nap, but it went on and on and on until I woke up for 'sahur' at 5.10 am just now. Haiz...Oh yea, the first time ever I managed to wake up for it. XD

Okay, so today is the 2nd of September 2009. Geez, my first entry for this month. ;D Have been longing to change my blog skin since awhile now but I got no chance. So sorry, guys. In just 20 minutes' time, I'm gonna bathe and get ready to go to class. Sounds lame, huh? I know. Being lamer enough, I've got Chemistry tutorial first thing today. Then, Physics lecture till 12.30 pm, and Maths lecture this afternoon, 4 pm till 6 pm.

Ever since I got my broadband, I've been endlessly hooked up to my laptop most of the time. You can guess what my activities are when I'm back at home. Hahaha. Yep. No other reason. Sirf you-know-who.

Actually, I've got something else in my mind to write about here. But I got to rush and I'll catch up with my blog again as soon as I got back. Okay? ;) Been missing my blog. Seriously.

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