Monday, July 27, 2009

A Tale To Tell

Okay, so, finally it's confirmed you-know-who was here last night. In Malaysia! He was present at the charity dinner at the Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya to collect funds for the YAKEB foundation. He even donated RM 50,000 to the foundation! He's genuinely so generous and kind-hearted! As usual. =D And yea, Rani Mukherjee was there too, as rumoured. She's so sweet. Love her outfit last night.

Okay, so, I was DAMN disappointed, deeply extremely devastated this early morning when I learnt that he was really here. Because I was informed that only Rani would be coming and that too, to watch the Merchants of Bollywood musical theatre. Let me tell you the first thing I did when I woke up this morning.

I searched for the news of the charity dinner on the net and found out that he was actually there. You don't know how heartbroken and depressed I was knowing that he's SO close to me yet SO far. Here are the two pics I managed to find so far.

Rani is so sweet in that outfit.. ;)

As usual, the smart-looking Baadshah. (My eyes keep focusing on the ring on his right hand ;P)

Then, I tried calling the hotel to know if he was staying there. But of course the staff didn't reveal anything. And I got a "It's privacy, mam." reply from her. Hearing those words somehow made me excited because I feel like I'm finally progressing in my search for him. It's hard to describe for those who don't understand. xP Okay, then I called the airport, hundred times, endlessly, for nearly 3 hours! Finally, my call was attended to, and the person said you-know-who was neither on the flight to Mumbai nor London for today. Okay. So, I hung up and started to feel anxious. Why? Because he's still here and yet I couldn't reach to him! Aarghh!

Then, I chatted with other you-know-who's fans and told them about my problem. They gave me some advices and I'm intending to go to the airport tomorrow to try my luck. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Nahh, I'm still not sure whether I should go or not. But I'm quite happy when I saw him in the news just now at 8 pm, though for only a few seconds. He was actually in Malaysia because he had been invited to spend an evening with the Prime Minister and his wife. He was the guest of honor at the PM's birthday bash last night. A few excerpts from the news article found.

"Speaking to BT from Malaysia, SRK said, “The Prime Minister and his wife Datinshri Rosmah were very kind to me when I shot Don here. As a friend, I was invited to spend an evening with them.’’

"“It made me feel special and it also provided me an opportunity to carry on a
relationship with a country that is culturally close to ours,’’ said SRK.

He was asked to sing a few lines from the song Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, in which he did. ;D I hope somebody is going to upload the video of him singing the song on the net.

Poor him. He was shooting My Name Is Khan in the States last month and had just finished filming. Then, he flew to London to have a peaceful holiday with his sweet family - Gauri, Aryan and Suhana (in which he does every year, holidaying in London around June). The next thing I knew, he flew to Kuala Lumpur from Mumbai with Rani Mukherjee. When did he go back to Mumbai? Everybody is just so curious. Being a famous global superstar, this is just a part of his hectic schedule hain naa? I just hope he's gone already because I just couldn't stand the pain any longer, though I'm feeling better now.

It's okay, Darina. You will have your chance of meeting him some day. Remember his quote, "If you want something with all your heart, even the whole universe will conspire to give it to you. You'll achieve your dreams eventually. All you need is to be patient, because not all things you'll get with just a snap of your finger." You're right, Shah Rukh. I will keep praying for the right time to come. Perhaps now is just not the right time and place. =)

::: Hum ek baar jeete hain , ek baar marte hain, ek baar shaadi hain, aur pyaar bhi ek hi bar hoti hain :::

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pu3mawar said...

hi darina,
SRK ada nyanyi lagi kuch kuch hota hai... pastu menari lagu Koil Mil Gaya dgn rani... mlm tu dia mmg best giler... hehehhe nak tau ape lagi...?