Sunday, July 26, 2009

Survey #9 - Tell It All

Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?
::: never.

Have you ever passed out on the bathroom floor?
::: oh yea, i have. when i was little.

Have you had more than 3 boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time?
::: never. i'm the loyal type. okay, LAME.

Have you ever thought about your death?
::: sometimes.

Ever been in love?
::: uh-huh

Would you rather be in a permanent relationship or play the field?
::: permanent. okay, LAME again.

What is your favorite sport?

What color is your shower curtain?
::: there's no shower curtain. xP

Have you ever had stitches?
::: yea. on my right eyebrow.

Do you know how to use chop sticks?
::: i guess so. xP

Lyrics stuck in your head?
::: do pal ruka, khwaabon ka karwaan, aur phir chaldiye, tum kahaan hum kahaan
do pal kithi yeh dilon ki daastan, aur phir chaldiye, tum kahaan hum kahaan
aur phir chaldiye, tum kahaan hum kahaan

What are you doing tomorrow?
::: intending to go to the airport just to catch you-know-who there XD

Who was the last person you couldn't take your eyes off of?
::: okay, apart from S*** R***, a Chinese-looking guy named ****** (xP)

Have you ever given money to a homeless person?
::: yep.

Have you ever run over an animal?
::: no way!

What is your favorite cereal?
::: everything but oat!

Have you ever had an Oreo with peanut butter?
::: i've stopped eating Oreo

What are you doing right at this moment?
::: this!

Where's your favorite place to be?
::: anywhere that i can have fun!

What's your favorite song?
::: as for now, Twist from Love Aaj Kal

Are you more of a coffee or alcohol drinker?
::: neither both.

Have you ever thrown shoes on a telephone wire?
::: what's this? what for?

Have you ever been arrested?
::: i'm the goodie goodie type. so, never.

Do you dream in black and white?
::: LOL!

Do you talk in your sleep?
::: thank God, no!

Do you snore?
::: heck no!

Have you ever gotten a mosquito bite on your face?
::: yep.

What are you afraid of?
::: i'm afraid i couldn't achieve my dreams according to plan.

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