Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CAUTION! A Long Post Awaits You...

Just to make it a formal beginning of an entry, I woke up a bit late today, since it's holiday. ;P
Have you tried The Chocolate Calculator I posted earlier? I know, it's quite fun. xP

So today is just another normal day for me. The same routine, the same stuff I do every day. But just now, I got excited, jumping high in the air for I saw more and more gorgeous pics of the sweet Rani Mukherjee and the dashing Shah Rukh in black suit when they were here, in Malaysia on July 25th. Google-ing him all the way.. Sorry guys. But quoting what Miss Raha said, if I didn't insert at least a time, Shah Rukh's name into my English essay when I was in school back then, it wasn't me. LOL. It's just the same case here.

These are the links where you can look at the pics of Rani and you-know-who (if you want to ;P).

SRK & Rani Presenting Cheque
SRK & Rani Onstage 1
SRK & Rani Onstage 2
SRK & Rani Onstage 3
SRK & Rani Sings KKHH
SRK & Rani Cute! 1
SRK & Rani Cute! 2
SRK Bowing ;)
Dashing SRK 1
Dashing SRK 2
Dashing SRK 3
Dashing SRK 4
Sweet Rani 1
Sweet Rani 2
Sweet Rani 3
Sweet Rani 4

Credits to a blogger who was present at the event. ;)

Alright, moving on...

I downloaded the mp3 to mmf file converter trial version (because I don't have any cash with me to buy the software online xP) so as to convert my mp3 files to mmf (it's obvious, duh!). And now I have the Don dialogue audio as my message tone! How fantastic that is! The trial version is for 15 days. So, 14 days left. Oh yea, ek khushi khabre (good news) for me! I've just asked a friend of mine from India to buy me a pen. This is not just a regular pen. It's the Linc pen which has SHAH RUKH KHAN's signature on it. And he (Adi) actually agreed to buy it for me and post it right to my house this weekend. Uff! I just can't wait any longer for the pen to arrive in front of my doorstep! You guys might think of me being a pagli (a crazy girl). Being a true blue fan of you-know-who, that's who I am. ;D It means a lot having something primarily associated to the person you really really adore in possession, though it's just a pen with his signature on it. But I'm yet to own a lot more of his stuffs in the future..insyaAllah.. ;P

Now, ALERT! ALERT! My birthday is drawing nearer. LOL. Some of my friends wish that I will throw a party. Nahh, it's been a long time since I last threw a birthday bash. Last year, my best friends and dormmates made a surprise one for me. I really appreciate what they did and I want to say here that I love you guys a lot! ;D Let's see who remembers my birthday this year. LOL! XD

Okay, so, I have only two assignments in hand. Both are the Physics tutorial assignments. I was intending to do it initially, high-spirited enough, but come to think of it, I didn't have any reference to refer to. ;P So I skipped that one for a while (hey, what's Internet for?) LOL. Oh yea, I will have to sit for an Introduction to Engineering test the very next day I get back to college. So yea, finally I got something to catch up with, and to study for. Hehe.

Something's lingering in my mind. You don't have to guess. Alright, prepare yourself because I'm gonna talk about him, the you-know-who guy. XP Seriously, I couldn't restrain myself from talking about him. Ask my friends. They've suffered before. LOL. XD You'd better stop here if you don't have the guts to continue. For those who wish to continue, you're very welcome to. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*


He's just SO irresistible, in every way there is. Okay, so I've been his numero uno fan for the past 11-13 years. Since I was a kid. This is no kidding. And his love and affection grow day by day upon me that there's just no way turning back. So, I've started to join and become a member in every forum dedicated to him (not all, just the popular ones ;P). I've been a fan of since I was in form 2 when I discovered about the radio station (the only radio station in Malaysia that airs Bollywood songs. And no, the language used is not Hindi. It's English + Malay + a bit of Hindi :P). And I tell ya, I've won several prizes from the radio station, them being the VCDs and movies complimentary passes. The recent one being the The Merchants of Bollywood musical theatre free tickets. Now, why do I do this? Because this is merely another way of getting closer to you-know-who.

Yea, I've been joining so many forums just so that I could participate in every competition that they organise. Who knows, I have enough luck to win the prizes? Just now, I registered as a member at the site. And who knows, if there were to be competitions organised in the future in which the winners got to meet you-know-who, I might win. ;D In the meantime, I'll concentrate on my studies so that I will achieve my goals successfully and get what I aim for. Okay, no more procrastinating, Darina. Stay focus. Chase your dreams, WILDLY. Bear in mind that you have only this one chance left if you really wanna achieve ALL your dreams. I hope Allah will guide me along the path and drive me to success eventually.

And yes, you-know-who has been my greatest inspirational figure ever ALIVE (READ that: ALIVE). You might don't know him, but I do. Focusing on who he is in real life, I'm very touched by his generosity towards mankind. A self-obsessed star he is, he's also very modest, very kind-hearted, very humble, and very down-to-earth. Not to mention a person with a VERY GREAT sense of humour. XD Don't be surprised, he was the TOP STUDENT at his school back then, especially during his high school. And he even now has been conferred the DR. title by the University of Bedfordshire, the UK. So, yea, he's the right choice to be the source of admiration and inspiration by all. (Keeping in mind that nobody, NOBODY can be at a higher position than the Prophet Muhammad)

And so my post ends here...;D

::: Don ka intezaar toh gyarah mulkon ki police kar rahi hai lekin ek baat samajhlo, Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, na mumkin hai :::
Translation: The police from 50 countries have been waiting for me for ages, but understand this one thing. It's not difficult at all to catch Don, it's just IMPOSSIBLE.

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