Friday, July 24, 2009

Sandwiched Between Two Options

YIPPEE!!! I'm so excited! Every hair on my body is standing on its end right now! Quite trembling I am! Why? Because I've been engulfed with the news that Rani Mukherjee might be in Malaysia tomorrow night to watch the Merchants of Bollywood musical theatre! Aur woh bhi from a reliable source! You don't know just how happy I am I feel like flying, soaring in the air...! Should I go tomorrow? Or shouldn't I? I really wanna meet Rani!! She's one of my MOST favourite actresses of all time! GOSH!! I still couldn't believe it! A global superstar is coming!

Last Tuesday, I've made a mistake by not attending the musical theatre, or at least I thought so. But this time, I seriously don't know. Last Tuesday, I got 2 complimentary tickets for the show but I missed it. For various reasons, practically. I know, I made a huge mistake. Anyhow, I thank God for Shah Rukh is not going to come by all means. For all the things that happen in my life right now. He's in London currently, enjoying his holiday with beloved family perhaps in his $20 million newly-bought house there. Yep, you heard me. But this is Rani we are talking about. Oh The Most Almighty Lord, help me! Get me out of this confusion!

*Confirmation will be made before stops airing tonight* [dancing gleefully XD]

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