Thursday, June 19, 2008


wooo...after what seems to be half an hour, i manage to get this very computer..i'm in the CC..hahah, weird huh? i will everytime tell you guys about where i am..nahh. forget it. OMG, i'm very jealous with my cousin, farah dina baharuddin! i just read her blog just now..she has inserted her pics during her holiday in Australia! and i envy her so much! because she got to pursue her studies overseas, vacationing overseas..what else? i wish i can be like her..yes, i keep praying every day that one day i will further my studies abroad..hey, my life is kind of miserable lately. because why? because my principal (mdm J, that's what the whole school calls her), keeps bringing changes to the school..very drastic changes! what are the changes i'm talking about? hmmm...later.

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