Saturday, August 23, 2008

bas, yunhi..

i'm back! hahah..woo..feeling a bit sad coz only 2 days left for me b4 going back to school..what a nightmare..hahah. no darina, dont' u ever say that..coz after 11.12, u'll be in heaven for u'll be leaving the school..hamesha2 ke liye..but the sad part is i hv to separate with my friends..awww....nope..i won't..we'll stay in least, khushish karta hoon that right? the sentence? nahh, as long as i understand the meaning..well, during this school holiday, i hvn't done much. but being a member of penpalworld surely brings me benefits..oh yea..because i got new friends, penpals around the world..i like that coz i like having penpals especially for snail mail or postcardpals..hah. hope our friendship last. wow, now it's already the 22nd of august..about 2 months left b4 the real SPM..mujhe bahut nervous hai..that means i should be studying harder rite? well, i really hope to get 10 1As in my SPM, or the least 10 As..I've said earlier, i want to become like my cousin..she's beautiful, she's smart, she's intelligent, she gets everything she wanted in life (i think so)..hmm, u just see...i'll achieve what i dream of...and the thing that falls after it, SOMEDAY I'LL MEET SHAH RUKH KHAN! this is not what we call an obsession, or fanatism..but i'm inspired by him. SACH. he's my inspiration. u know, whenever i dont have the mood to study, i'll think of him and i'll automatically become study-spiritful. so guys, just let me hear any of his songs, i'll sit straight and focus only on the book. yes, i like him, i love him, everyone does. no matter how old he'll be, he'll always be the king of my heart..[wow...=) ] hahah. alrite, mujhe janaa hai..bye blog!

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