Saturday, June 07, 2008

new experience

ho ho ho, i'm back! whew! what a long and tiring journey...i departed from jeddah to doha back to malaysia on the 6th of june. and arrived at KLIA the next day at 9.10 am...bangah and pak teh were there to fetch us..a bit sad b'coz indukjut couldn't make it..the reason was because bangah didn't want the space in the car to be crammed up. hah. he drove pak andak's harrier. how lucky he is. now, let's move to the next and more interesting part. well, i arrived at Madinah on the 26th of may (if i'm not mistaken)...the moment i saw Masjid Nabawi, i quickly praised to God for its beauty and glam..(we arrived at around 12 am but it was 5 o'clock in the morning based on malaysia time zone) when i got to visit Makam Rasulullah, tears kept streaming down my cheek for i could feel the sadness that Prophet Muhammad is gone. but i know he answers the greeting of people that come all around the world to his mosque...then, we were brought by our mutawif (tour guide), Ahmad, to visit the historical places in Madinah al-Munawwarah..of course we didn't forget to buy souvenirs for our relatives and friends..(u should see how many boxes and luggage we had to bring home)..hahah..we stayed in Madinah only for a couple of days and went to Makkah al-Mukarramah on the 30th (if i'm not mistaken once again) soon as we reached Makkah, we performed umrah instantly. but after the Maghrib and Isyak prayers.the moment i saw Kaabah (Muslims qiblah), ohhhh...i cried for i felt how small i am compared to the Almighty God. at last, i got to face the qiblah for muslims all around the world. i cherished the time being in the holy land of Makkah, seeking for His forgiveness and blessings. how tired i was when performing the umrah (the sa'ie part), because renovations and contructions are done to enlarge the space for sa'ie..i'm not saying that performing umrah was tough and tiring, but it was because of the constructions plus our long journey about 6 hours in the coaster (there were only 11 of us)..when i did umrah for the second time, i felt great. the same went to us in Makkah, we were brought to the historical places there..but the saddest thing was, i fainted on the 2nd of june, right at the top of Jabal Rahmah..yea. because i didn't take my dinner the night before. i didn't feel well, that's why. and the breakfast didn't attract me at all. so, i went to jabal rahmah with nothing in my stomach. but don't worry, i didn't ruin the programmes for the day. it's just that i couldn't get TO RIDE THE CAMEL!! nvm. i recovered fully the next day. when it was time to go back to malaysia, i really felt so sad..even i am still feeling sad right now of leaving Makkah..u don't have any idea how sad it is..waving at the Kaabah. but i pray that one day i'll get another chance to visit the house of Allah. yea. well, there is lot to spill here but i don't have the time. i need to sleep. because tomorrow i'm going back to jb, the one reality in my life that i don't ever wanna face, since there have been many things going on lately. usually, i go back to jb by bus, but this time by flight. because bus tickets are sold out. hmmm, i've been yearning for all this while to get the chance onboard alone. finally. but, i'm sure, 100 %, completely, definitely, sure, i will be very tired tomorrow. oooooooooooooooo...please God, give me the strength to survive and sustain my life. hah. alright, tata for now.

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