Sunday, June 15, 2008

do i need to give a title each and every time?

aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! homesick!! that's what i'm feeling right now. it's 9.50 pm already here, in malaysia..5.50 pm in Makkah...7.20 pm in india...oh gosh, i just feel so tired today. because i had a gamelan performance last night for the closing dinner of hockey HKSBP at the national was held starting from the 12th of june at my, i've just got back from spastic children's food fair..and just imagine, i have to bring all my things (bags, i mean) from one block to one block as soon as i got back from the food fair. the distance is like, 500m..2 trips..yes. aaaa!!!i'm very dissatisfied with the school's management. you see, our NEW principal wants us to move from our original block to other block. isn't that crazy? i know it is. the original plan is just to insert f4 and f5 students into my block and block E, and f1,2,3 to other 3 blocks left..but the latest news is, every student has to move from their block..i don't wanna move from my beloved block!!!!i called my dad just now and he keeps comforting me..yeah, that is what a dad should do, isn't it? i feel relieved listening to his advices..that is the one thing that i'm not satisfied with our new principal..i mean, i like the way she manages the school organisation but this one, NO WAY!!! hah, forget it. it'll just make me even angrier..hey, i'm not finished with meri kahani about my experience in, just wait for the next entry...ok?daa~

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