Sunday, August 16, 2009

It Was Uncalled For

Okay, so now I have the mood to blog again. I'd better do it fast lest this one wouldn't work out. xP

So, it's 8.41 pm at the moment and in about a hour and a half, I have to go back to a world that I don't prefer being in. It's great actually, living in the university student life, but nahh... I don't know. I have to go back to my college. I received some shocking news just this morning. A friend of mine asked me if I knew anything about the death of two girls at my college due to H1N1. I was dumbfounded. Then, I said to him that I'm clueless about it and he said he was told by his roommate whose lecturer told his girl friend. Do you understand? Never mind. xP

Just wanna tell you guys that last week was not a good one for me. Seriously. Ever since I got back from the short holiday due to the university closure. But later on, things gradually fell back to its right place and I think I can now say that my life is getting better. Oh yea, I'm freaking petrified because I have a Chemistry test this Thursday! Do pray that I score will ya? I hope I'll do better for this one. InsyaAllah..;D

I just wanna say that, I'm damn pissed off because of the detention of you-know-who at the Newark Airport, New Jersey, the States! He wasn't frisked, but he was interrogated in such a way that you feel like chopping the officers' heads off!! Why? Because you-know-who had tried to explain that he was there because he was invited for the South Asian Carnival. That he was there a couple of weeks back to shoot for his new upcoming film, My Name Is Khan, that he was a movie star etc etc. Uff!! That bloody stupid officer!! Just imagine. You-know-who's was quizzed because of his last name which is "Khan" popped up on the computer screen, which means that he was suspected of being a terrorist! That is so bloody ridiculous!! He thought it was going to take a couple of minutes because he had gone through this many times so he didn't really bother. Then, an officer asked you-know-who to follow him to a room and you-know-who thought the officer was being nice and polite but it turned out otherwise. He was brought to a room where all those people who were suspected too were in. What was worse, the airlines he was traveling in lost his luggages and that delayed his trip to the carnival, which resulted on him being questioned more and more and more. He was treated like a real suspect, except I think the officers asked him much nicer than that. But what makes me feel like my head is going to burst is, there was one officer who didn't believe in what he said eventhough there were people in the room and other officers too that vouched for you-know-who!!! I mean, is he stupid or what?? He could Google you-know-who's name and in a quick instant, billions of websites will pop up on the screen! Two hours later, he was finally released but that too, after Rajiv Shukla (can't remember who he is xP) intervened. Laugh at it, but I cried knowing that he was there all alone, without his personal bodyguard who couldn't come because he has a Muslim name too. It's so disheartening and it hurts when I listened to his conversation with reporters, journalists, whoever they are over the phone. Especially when he mentioned about him phoning his family and his son, Aryan asked him, "Were you caught, Papa?" The emotion in his voice, I can feel it. The way he laughed. He was crying in silence because he felt he'd been humiliated. Poor him.. :,(

Sorry for the long post. I must take it out. I must let my system function again.

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